Gin and Mischief

Another bank holiday-huzzah! Get ready to get your gladrags on for these amazing events:

Walpurgis Night- Hendrick’s Halloween Ball, part 1.
Their Satanic Majesties,the Tribune Suzette Field & the Chancellor Viktor Wynd request that you Darken Their Night & Cloud Their Vision on the night when witches meet and hold revels with their gods.

Walpurgis night, or “Enclosure of the Fallen” commemorates the time when Odin died to retrieve the knowledge of the runes, and the night is said to be a time of weakness in the boundary between the living and the dead.The Last Tuesday Society intend to exploit this opportunity for a damn big party and lots of dressing up- dress code is the beautiful and the damned/ the dark side of beauty.(There is prize Gin at stake..)Lost in Beauty, Primrose Hill’s luxury beauty boutique, will be on hand to provide all the wicked witches and handsome devils with deadly fashionable make-up & special effects; professional make-up artists will provide cuts, bruises, blood and scars or fashion inspired looks incorporating this season’s hotter than hell gothic trends. Catherine Arnold will kick off the night with her talk on Necropolis: London and its dead.This blend of archaeology, architecture and anecdote includes such phenomena as the rise of the undertaking trade and the pageantry of state funerals; public executions and bodysnatching- leaving no headstone unturned.

Other delights include life drawing,hot tub and poledancing classes, as well as legendary Bather Wade Crescent, who Will Preside over The Bath House with it’s Palm Fringed Hot Tub(bikini’s optional, beauty obligatory)Or join The Feat of The Dead Cow; Viktor Wynd’s Famous Cheeseboard & Suzette Field’s Midnight Feast of Yesterdays Cakes.

The Hendrick’s Institute For Costumery Will Be Awarding It’s Annual Prizes of Bottles of The World’s Finest Gin for The Following Categories;

The Hendricks Prize For Beauty in Black
The Hendrick’s Prize For The Finest Horse
The Hendrick’s Prize For Debauched Dancing
The Hendrick’s Prize for Best Use of a Dead Animal
The Hendrick’s Prize for The Norse God
The Hendrick’s Prize for The Most Beautiful Witch
The Suzette Field Prize for Doom
The David Piper Prize for Tastiest Bottom
The Wade Crescent Prize For Most Beautiful Bather
The Viktor Wynd Prize for The Prettiest Girl
The Hendrick’s Prize for Satanic Dancing
The Hendrick’s Prize for The Dead That Walk

For more details, check here.

The following night, White Mischief is proud to present another of its full-scale multi-room spectaculars at Scala.

“Journey To The Centre Of The Earth” will be a night of unique live music, curious vaudeville, vintage DJing, costumed characters, interactive theatre and mindboggling feats of derring-do, set across MULTIPLE ROOMS, THEMED AND DECORATED by art directors who have worked in film and with theatrical groups such as Punchdrunk.This time it’s a bank holiday weekend, so there is plenty of time to recover and no excuse not to let your (perfectly-coiffed) hair down.

Another unmissable excuse for dressing up, suggested inspirations include Victoriana, Steampunk, Adventurers, Explorers of Crystal Mines, Mad Scientists, Giant Mushrooms!Costumier’s Prangsta will give you a 30% discount if you quote White Mischief when hiring…

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