40 Winks

In case you missed the frivolity that was The White Blackbird last month- fear, not!There are new bedtime antics at hand!40 Winks is a tiny,boutique hotel that looks like something out of a fairytale- which makes it the perfect venue for some bedtime story telling.The historic,four storey Queen Anne townhouse built in 1717, is now home to interior designer David Carter.Its rooms have long been used at backdrops for fashion shoots and accommodation for celebrities- but now they are being opened up to us mere mortals! Actors will recount bedtime tales, accompanied by music and fueled by wine and nibbles. Come dressed in your best vintage ensemble- think smoking jackets, dressing gowns and silk eye-masks. We currently have numerous vintage dressing gowns in stock-they are not on the website but send us an email to info@naomithompson.co.uk and we’ll sort you out. Have a look at the outrageous post pillow-fight pictures below, featuring luscious nightwear worn by Vintage Secret’s Naomi at The White Blackbird vintage pyjama party last month, organised by Time for Tea.
Pictures taken by Jim Hanner. (For the full lowdown on the event, click here)

DATES for 40 Winks:
June 3rd
June 17th
July 22nd
July 29th

For information on how to book, click here

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