Vintage gems from Pedlars online store

The weather is nice enough for a stroll down Oxford street, and prices are being slashed by the Summer Sale Samurai warrior, but still I find myself reluctant to spend my free time traipsing through crowds of bargain hunters, queuing for hours only to expose my pasty self to the evil changing room lighting that makes even me think that maybe fake tan could be my friend after all.My problem is that I’ve got too used to buying stuff online, and the chore of physically going shopping seems, well – just that; a chore.So I was happier than Larry when I got the Pedlars newsletter announcing their summer sale- this is one of my all time favourite web stores- lots of truly unnecessary things that you really don’t need. Their vintage stock is particularly desirable- anyone thinking of restyling your home a la vintage- this is for you.
Above:1930s portable gramophone– prices from £350

Framed London Routemaster Destination Blinds

Vintage Globe Trotter Suitcases Customised With Vintage Hotel and Airline Stickers

Framed Limited Edition Prints by – Make Do and Mend

Not vintage, but of vintage ethos-graphic designer Gail Bryson was commissioned to develop these prints exclusively for Pedlars. They are produced in London by one of the handful of printers still employing traditional wood block techniques (so no two are exactly alike). Each print is signed, numbered and limited to an edition of 100.

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