Hep Cats’ Holiday

Phew- what a weekend!I have been away living the vintage life sans internet etc,whilst Naomi has been hard at work, busy uploading new frocks onto the site.Get them before they go!

I was lucky enough to go on Hep Cats’ Holiday weekend in glamorous Weston Super Mare on behalf of The Guardian. Here are some pics to give you a sneaky preview of what I got up to- the weekend was just lovely; I bought a wonderful silver dress from the 1950s for £18 at the vintage market, learnt some jive dance moves, heard amazing live music and met some wonderful people. Book now on their website if you want to go in September, as it sells out fast, and you want to get in there before all those Guardian readers…
Hep Cat Ladies in all our finery…

Vintage and Pin-up model Fleur de Guerre was there filming a 7 day wardrobe diary for a new website- read more about it and see the outfits she wore on her wonderful blog. She looked absolutely stunning- see how she dwarfs me in the picture of us together- at 5ft 9 I’m not used to being made to feel so vertically challenged!

In keeping with the weather on the last night, the nautical theme went down a storm!
(Above centre is Claire Austin who runs Hep Cats Holiday with her husband Robert Austin- the couple are fantastic dance teachers-head to one of their classes in London if you can’t make the weekends away.She’s pictured here with Alex, Lydia, Sarah and Diana, all regular London dance class attendees)
You can see the rest of the pics from my weekend here.

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