Music week!

Just a quick follow up to our recent musically themed post- tonight Tinsel and Twinkle‘s record label Pushing Pussy Records is running a night at new venue, the Blues Kitchen, who are celebrating their launch this week. The Palpitations and The Lovebirds will be playing live for FREE to celebrate their new EP being available to download. Stay tuned for further Palpitations action here, as Vintage Secret will be styling lead singer Danielle (pictured) for a photoshoot very soon!Vintage Secret were meant to be running a stall at the event tonight, but unfortunately VS mistress Naomi has come down with the vile Swine Flu so is bedridden!!!We’re keeping our fingers crossed that with enough rest, she’ll be back on her feet for our stall at Gabby Young’s albulm lanch at the Bush Hall Thursday night– if you haven’t got your ticket yet, get it here! Not only will Gabby Young and Other Animals be performing their whole album for your pleasure, you can also expect over 20 stalls selling vintage and homemade clothes, accessories, food and other delights- not to be missed!We went along and saw Gabby performing a charmingly intimate gig at vintage store Beyond Retro this weekend- here are some pics!

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