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Would you like to see your man dressed up in vintage uniform?Or maybe knab some accessories for your own outfits? Legendary costumier Angel’s is opening up its warehouse once again to get rid of 250,000 high-quality items of authentic uniform and equipment dating from 1900 onwards. On the 28th November, you can head to the warehouse and grab a gas mark used on the set of Saving Private Ryan or a helmet from the Dad’s Army wardrobe. With lots of events coming up that require WWII allied uniform dress; The Blitz party, Prohibition and the Home Front Christmas Ball to name a few, this is the perfect opportunity to get costumes for you and your man sorted. Word of warning though- having been to the last Angel’s sale extravaganza, you should know that it is utter madness- not only is it a fair old trek outside what I count as London, queues for the last sale started at 5 in the morning, and by the time I roled up at about 2pm nearly everything had gone. Having said that, this sale hasn’t been publicised half as much, and of course is only military clothes so hopefully appealing to a smaller, more niche audience, i.e us!



Coats,tunics,blouson jackets:




Trousers, breeches:





from £5

It starts at 8.30am and goes on til 5pm, the address and further details here and here.

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