New Clients!

Hello everyone! Apologies for the lack of blogging-we’ve been super busy organising Tartour new series of glamourous pampering events at ’40 Winks’ boutique hotel. Somehow, we’ve also managed to make time to lend some of our lovely clothes to a few new clients. Have a look at the gorgeous 1950s dress from Vintage Secret, borrowed by Jacques Fath for their new handbag collection.
SKIP theatre borrowed some of our 1950s swimsuits for their performance:LENGTHS- synchronised swimmers moved through the crowd drawing reference to swimming galas and Busby Berkeley choreography. The perfomers gave out goggles to the guests and smeared them with vaseline to give a soft focus/under-water effect, the guests were then invited to join in with an imaginary swimming race. All to the soundtrack of a swimming pool, at the Hospital Club in Covent Garden.

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