Ice- Skating Vintage Style!

At the December Tart at 40 Winks, Vintage Secret parted with one of our favourite gowns that we’d been finding every excuse we could not to sell- but it was finally found by someone who fitted it perfectly and promised to love it as much as we did. A 1940s silk ballgown with a beautiful floral print on a black background, the gown is not only aesthetically gorgeous but also a collector’s item as it has a label inside it which shows it was made from wartime rationed material. It even has little pads inside the hips to give you that in- and- out silhouette!

Enough about the dress; the beautiful buyer was Kellie Matheson, who was wearing the dress to go ice-skating at Somerset House after her afternoon at Tart- so we begged her to take some pictures for us!

Here they are; Kellie’s hair still looks amazing from her styling by Lipstick and Curls at Tart!And I can only assume she managed to brave the cold with bare arms thanks to the copious amounts of champagne and cocktails we were drinking all afternoon!Thanks so much Kellie for sending us these- anyone else who has pictures of themselves in their Vintage Secret purchases, please feel free to send them in, we’d love to see them!Happy Christmas Everyone xxxxx

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ooohhh, now i want to ice skate in a pretty dress…


lauren commented on Jan 02 10 at 1:05 am

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