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Here are a couple of ways to kick of your New Year in true vintage Style. Fancy being in a movie?or the Sunday Times Style?Here’s your chance.
1930s-50s/burlesque beauties and beaus are needed as extras for a movie shoot on Sunday 10th January- performers include Son Of Dave, Amanda Rodgers (Stranger Than Paradise), Big Daddy Kai (The Future Shape Of Sound), Paul-Ronney Angel, Lady Ane Angel, The Urban Voodoo Machine, El Nino & Lady Kamikaze (Ladyluck)- you will basically be creating a Ladyluck club night sort of vibe- all supposedly in someone’s alternative reality…for more plot synopsis and location/time details read here.
Do you follow tutorials on Youtube before a good old vintage style knees up?Maybe you’ve used some of the fabulous ones by our friend and pin-up model Fleur de Guerre?(pictured above)Or maybe you do your own?Fleur Britten from Sunday Times Style is looking for lovely girls who use Youtube tutorials to learn how to do their hair for a night out – perhaps 40s style hair, a beehive, a 20s wave, whatever… She’s looking for a handful of girls (can be solo or in a small group) to photograph and interview about what they learn and how easy it is to replicate. Just send a photo of yourself and a description of what you like to do, where you learnt it, how you do it, and where you party with your hairstyles, to

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