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First off we owe you all a big THANKYOU! Vintage Secret won the fashion blog category of the ShrimpSaladCircus blog awards– thankyou all so much for voting.

The Vintage vibe is still spreading like wild fire, with magazines and websites springing up left, right and centre to feed our habit! If you haven’t signed up for their newsletters yet, QueensofVintage has been our bible for a while now, and here are some newcomers on the scene to subscribe to as well.

Chew Magazine; not normally a retro publication but this is a vintage themed issue- I’m a huge fan of Chew, their back issues are all downloadable so check out some of their stunning editorials and photoshoots.

Milkcow Magazine ; dedicated to 40s and 50s lifestyle and culture in the UK, the site has lots of goodies like pin-up girl calendars- great Valentines gifts for guys and gals who are into the retro scene.

Era magazine; the long awaited follow up to the preview issue of Era is out soon, featuring yours truly, so check it out!

Vintage Life; set to launch in March 2012, and according to them ‘To be THE world’s leading nostalgia magazine.’ counting chickens? They already have over 1000 facebook fans, even before launching.Perhaps its down to the Vintage networking site they’re pioneering.

Mien magazine; Want to know the art of the perfect handshake?Or how to improve your posture? A modern day site promoting the values of a more glamorous era, Mien also reviews events like the fabulous White Blackbird Tweed party- see Vintage Secret’s Naomi in their piece on the event. They’ve created some priceless videos like the one below on ‘Mobile Telephone Manners’! Subscribe today as I have top secret insider info that they’ll soon be running a VERY exciting London based project…

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Fabulous post Katie! I can't wait to get my hands on a copy of Era! Shall be linking to this post in my next Sunday Serving 🙂

Annabel - Love My Dress commented on Feb 04 10 at 11:24 pm

WOW, I'm so glad to have found this Blog (thanks to Gisele Scanlon of The Goddess Guide). FABULOUS!
I'm officially a FAN!
-LIAISON by Kat Swank of http://www.KatSwank.com
(I'd love to have you check out my work! I make headpieces with recycled vintage and new/old stock, I'm featured in Gisele Scanlon's new Goddess Guide II/ The Goddess Experience, and she mentions me here- http://DomesticSluttery.com)

Kat Swank commented on Feb 05 10 at 12:25 am

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