Rule Britannia Competition!

VS’s favourite event returns and we have free tickets!

Following the success of their 1940’s pyjama party, The Futurist Aerobanquet, Colourscape and Tweed, The White Blackbird returns on the auspicious day of St George’s with Rule Britannia, a soiree dedicated to Blighty and by Jove, a jolly good knees up!

We will be there hosting the dressing up room, will Steven Merchant be lurcking around a in a tutu again? Come and say hello and find out!

The White Blackbird’s carriages will be stationed at a Central London pick up spot to whisk guests away to the rural idyll of Stoke Place, where the house and grounds have been turned over exclusively to the party goer’s pleasure.

You can flex your muscles on the lawn tennis court or alternatively enjoy a leisurely croquet match before retiring indoors for a reviving cuppa at the very Fine Tea Bar or a glass of that most essential eau de vie, served from a fountain of glorious Bulldog Gin!

Pick up tips on how to take the upper hand in the courting game at the The Art Of Woomanship, a lecture inspired by the One Upmanship books of Stephen Potter and get down on one knee before taking part in one of the fleet weddings conducted by the Lady Greys. Having found that their grounds are exempt from the marriage act of 1753, you won’t find yourself in a tight spot after tying the knot.

Follow in the steps of great British explorers by solving colonial clues to conquer a new land in a treasure hunt, at which the winner will receive a complimentary two-course dinner for two with a bottle of wine at Stoke Place’s highly acclaimed restaurant and if you picked up a tropical illness on your travels or are just suffering from general ailments, then pay a visit to our resident Quack Doctor. Straight from the 1600’s, he will be examining patients (willing or not) and dispensing all manner of traditional remedies. In a nod to Britain’s first psychic Mr. Daniel Douglas Home as well as the Victorian craze for the supernatural, you can also have your horrible future predicted by Mr Home’s trusty assistant, Russella. Not for the feint hearted!

Pop into some Elocution Lessons given by our very own Eliza Doolittle. Perfectly in the pink, see the Vyse Room transformed into a music box, at the centre of which the perfect English rose will appear every hour on the hour.

Watch out for the sword-fighting businessmen as they lock umbrellas and seek harbor at the Secret Gin Bar, held at a a secret room number, you will need a special knock to enter! Feeling energized, Dance the night away with the Dixie Ticklers, as they run through a couple of sets of the finest British jazz and swing, followed by a top notch DJ in the Purple Room.

If all that dancing has worked up a hunger, then make sure you are seated for the midnight feast, serving thoroughly British fare such as bubble and squeak, mini cones of chips and Peach Melba. A lucky few will have booked the very limited number of room packages available, including dinner, bed and breakfast. They will be able to enjoy the benefit of a bar that never closes as the party continues into the night.

We have a pair of tickets (excluding travel) to win, please leave a comment telling us what you would like to see if the VS dressing up box?

PS the top pic is of me being naughty at the first one.


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Comments ( 6 )

I would love to see some of the best Vintage-Modern exciting English people! and have fun!!!

Gabi commented on Apr 19 10 at 10:22 am

Hi, I'd love to see something Linda Radlett (the heroine of Nancy Mitford's The Pursuit of Love) might wear. A dress with a lobster – Schiaparelli-esque?


Leslie A Lee commented on Apr 19 10 at 10:54 am

A lace parasol, a kitsch swimming cap, a pair of red shoes and a silk map to be used as a scarf!

Anonymous commented on Apr 19 10 at 11:54 am

Plus Fours, Tweed capes, feathered turbans and a suit of armour.

Charlotte commented on Apr 19 10 at 12:19 pm

A 1920's men's bathing suit, grey with alternating maroon and light grey horizontal lines on the top, shorts and socks. A boater har with maroon and light grey ribbon, please.

Stephen Walrond commented on Apr 19 10 at 6:31 pm

A John Bull costume, a dress made from the union jack, Shakespearean costume, a Victorian bustle dress and a pair of tap shoes.

belle-fille1982 commented on Apr 19 10 at 8:24 pm

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