The birth of a new movement – the NGC

Micro-Economics interested me at school (genuinely it did, Mr Manville) but these days, it’s not something I bring up too often over a gin. This Sunday then, I was surprised to read my own name in a Times article on the ‘New Capitalism’. I was flattered to be mentioned along side seasoned business luminaries like Joe Corre and Deborah Meaden.

The theme of the this unexpected coverage? Keeping business niche and personal.

It woke a dormant urge in me. Well first I called everyone in my phone book but after that I was moved to write about something I’ve been considering recently; my own female-led, locally-based business circle. I knew it but I suppose this article made it official. I belong to a coterie of women movers and shakers of which I am quietly but I think justifiably proud. Who are these dynamic women though? Well, dear readers, let me bestow on them the title of (thunderous drum roll please ) The New Girls’ Club’ or NGC. I’m sure it wont have the same impact as BRIC nations, but you read it here first.

So what are the rules of the NGC?

Bonus ball: Remember, you didn’t invent the wheel. Modesty is not just about the length of your skirt.

Is this another victory in the gender war? That might be overstating it, I’m not sure froo-froo is a feminist issue. However I do not see an army of male entrepreneurs running successful businesses out of their living rooms, I can only see what is going on around me and that is very clear. I see a troop of women armed with ideas, notes books and New Media OCD advancing their careers with exciting and self-created events and projects.

What has been a major factor in their success? Collaboration.

So why do women share and collaborate, even with those might be considered competitors? Because *whispers* its not always a competition, and this is exactly what the Times picked up on. Cate Sevilla, Editor of the ultimate source of all thing you should know about right now has this to say on the matter:

‘I think because things can be tough for women in business, when we see other women who are doing it for themselves and are really passionate and excited about what they’re doing – we want to connect with them.

Women are fantastic at networking and collaborating because it’s quite exciting to meet like-minded women, and even more exciting to actually collaborate and combine your different talents to create something spectacular.

If more women could get past the over-competitiveness and catty jealousy, we could produce even bigger and better things, because we would be working together.’

We are not turning back the clock and bartering bunting for baked goods. Jam and Jerusalem, this ain’t. It’s about trading ideas and getting people involved in the bigger picture.

Nor, I am pleased to say, can this movement be accused of perceived social shallowness. It isn’t all about sequins. Indeed some of the NGCs take their inspiration direct from that most inspirational girls club, the Suffragettes. Climate Rush, a female led environmental group, first recruited members by reaching out to Women’s groups. As their numbers grew, protest attendance became gender equal, and welcomely so, (incidentally they also have some cool vintage inspired outfits, which ticks my box) so no ditching this in a militant, women only dead-end.

Here are my NGC heroes, people who just make things happen, and also call you 3 months down the line for the next project. Who are yours? Do let us know. Go on, name and champagne!

Katie Antoniou– Communication Expert
Angel Adoree – Vintage and T-shirt Patisserie
Kate Burton – Miss Kiki Salon Muse and Creator
Gabby Young – Singer and Fashionista
Dana Gornitzki – Editor of Mien Magazine
Fleur De Guerre – Tart Co-Hostess, Blogger and London’s most glam 40’s pin-up
Polly Betton– the female tour de force behind the WBB events
Anne Kapranos – Trend Analyst and PR heavyweight at Essence Communications
Alexa Perrin – PR guru and owner of APR
Laetitia Wajnapel – Fashion Maven and Blogger
Cate Sevilla – Editor-in-Chief Bitchbuzz
Emily Airton – PR rising star at Idea Generation
Lena Weber – Editor of Queens of Vintage
Natasha Goodfellow – BBC homes and Antiques
Katherine Higgins – Antiques Roadshow Textiles Expert and Broadcaster
Tinsel Edwards and Twinkle Troughton – Artists and founders of Pushing Pussy records
Maria McCarthy – Author and Journalist

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Comments ( 16 )

Katie from What Katie Did!

Helen Highwater commented on Apr 01 10 at 5:01 pm

Louise Androlia – Loulou Loves You (Lingerie Queen)

Mademoiselle Robot commented on Apr 01 10 at 5:14 pm

Amelia Gregory – Amelia's Magazine

Belinda commented on Apr 01 10 at 5:24 pm

What a fabulous article! I would be lining up in the queue to join, if I didn't live in Gateshead! 🙂

Annabel - Love My Dress commented on Apr 01 10 at 5:30 pm

Great article! Is the Gabby Young you mentioned the same Gabby Young of the band 'Revere'?

Kee commented on Apr 01 10 at 6:14 pm

This is fabulous and I couldn't agree more about why women like to collaborate. I do exactly the same with a group of truly inspiring, hard working (and mutually business pimping) girls in Warwickshire and our collaborations have led to more business for all of us. We call ourselves the Parly Queens and 'network' over coffee in a beautiful art deco cafe, it's so great to have a support network of like-minded people when you have your own business.
Lynsey Le Keux

Lynsey commented on Apr 01 10 at 6:41 pm

I am working on two, if not three, businesses, and would love to offer what little advice I can and networking potential, if I can!

Sophie commented on Apr 01 10 at 9:30 pm

Fab idea. Do come and list your site in our little directory.

Vintage Clothes Shops commented on Apr 02 10 at 9:51 am

I would struggle without my circle of ladies-we've just held our first boutique bridal event at Claridges and will be holding our next with Cosmo Bride at the end of this month…

Rachel Attwell – Luella's Boudoir
Lisa Harris and Tania Borton – Magpie Vintage
Julia Boggio – Julia Boggio Photography

It's growing all the time in this niche part of the market, and to think three years ago when I first started when I mentioned 'vintage' people would look at me with blank faces!

grant-riley weddings commented on Apr 02 10 at 10:02 am

So totally agree with this Naomi. Spot on and absolutely right for our times.

Viva the revolution!

Miss Kiki xxx

Miss Kiki Salon commented on Apr 02 10 at 10:03 am

Awww I love this article, well done for mentioning these fab ladies. We can vouch for Miss Kiki & Gabby as we've got to known them over the London Fashion Week and they have massively inspired us (Go girls).

Who's us? Emerging Fervour – we are a collective of people with shared interest in emerging talent in fashion, music and art. It started with two women, we are now 5 and have many fab writers.

We offer brand, marketing, PR and sales support, specialised in digital we've launched many sites and love the industry.

If you ever need a helping hand or advice, count us in as we agree – it's all about the sharing!!!! If you give, something will come back one day.

Love Nathaliexx

Nathalie commented on Apr 02 10 at 10:19 am

Thank you for all your comments – wow – as much as I would like to host the biggest networking group in the world, what I am trying to convey is how important it is to have your own inner sanctum, so if you have moment this Easter weekend, why not write about your own? There is nothing more powerful or genuine than word of mouth. Take a look at this for inspiration!

vintagesecret commented on Apr 02 10 at 11:35 am

Kee – Gabby is the front woman of Gabby Young and Other Animals – thought I believe Revere is her equally talented other half's band.

PS everyone – if you do your own NGC write up let me know and I will do a post next week on the response. Have a great Easter x

vintagesecret commented on Apr 02 10 at 11:38 am

PPS if you feel like you are lacking in inner sanctum fabulousness, organise a coffee morning or drinks at you home or venue and tell everyone to bring a really amazing friend and before long it will happen – right must run and get my flight!

vintagesecret commented on Apr 02 10 at 11:49 am

I have several
Kay from Rocket Original Shoes
Katie from What Katie Did
Helen from Pin Up Parade
Shona from Heyday Clothing

to name but a few!

Straight Talking Mama! commented on Apr 02 10 at 2:43 pm

Definitely Helen, Fleur and Katie! Also Kirsteen Ross from Boom! Boom! Baby! Corsetry.

I'm also proud of my own achievements over the last year – I run a vintage inspired millinery and burlesque accessories company out of my flat, which I set up whilst on state benefit after I finished my degree. Even though limited funding means I can't carry out my new ideas as much as I'd like to at the moment, collaboration with other designers, ladies who run independent boutiques, photographers and other lovely individuals has definitely allowed me to help and be helped to progress!

Kally commented on Apr 11 10 at 11:33 pm

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