Welcoming our new Tart sponsors

Its that time of the month again to get your glad rags on and join us for an afternoon of lady-like decadence. This months’ Tart is a teeny bit more special than last month as we have some wonderful new sponsors.

The prestigious ‘Queen of Tarts’ title will be awarded to the girl who has undergone the biggest transformation over the course of the day. We are looking for a modern day Cinderella, someone who has embraced the very essence of Tart and discovered the beauty that lurks within. The prize this month is being provided by Direct Bikes, the UK’s no 1 scooter brand, who have generously donated one of their fabulous retro 50cc retro scooters in a very pretty baby blue finish, worth £649!!

Inside our now famous goody bags you will also be delighted to find old fashioned sweet shop goodies from my new favourite purveyors of sweets and treats Suck and Chew. You can now stock on Rhubarb and Custards on-line, but I highly recommended going to their shop in Columbia Road. (more on that to come)

Last but not least, is a new addition to the NGC, Kali Anderson of Lush &Lovely who is making us bespoke Tart jewellery – we are spoilt! Her website is coming soon but in the meantime check out her blog.

If you are interested in sponsoring Tart, please let me know!

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