Kimono love no1

I have mentioned before how much I like a vintage oriental look. Very 1930’s, slightly androgynous, it’s up there with wanting to try out a masculine look in my long list of styles to play with.

I once had a huge collection of 20’s Kimonos. I was an idiot and sold them. If I had them now I would be wearing one with a pair of 30’s style cropped wide leg trousers and my hair in a loose curl side knot for evening drinks. Yes, outside of the house. Remember the Gucci Pyjamas? Well this knocks the bed socks of that fad. Something drapey, made of silk will keep you cool this summer, yet look elegant. Since the kimonos all went to good homes this one below is the next best thing to wear this summer, and a ‘future vintage for sure’.

Made by Ligne De Soie, a company started by Melissa Pelz, a native Californian now living in London, who, noticing a lack of high quality and luxurious, yet functional silk robes at reasonable prices, embarked on a mission to create the perfect robe for herself and her friends.

The signature product – the silk robe –fuses vibrant designs with lush colour palettes, elegant patterns and functional features to create a glamorous, yet comfortable garment featured in eight different styles of various abundant silk fabrics.

And if lounging in one of these luxurious robes isn’t enough incentive, Ligne de Soie is actively involved in women’s charities and has pledged to donate a percentage of each product it sells online to a charity for women through its cause “Beyond Silk.”

I love her website. It features a page on why silk is good for the skin and a gazillion robes to die for. Perfect for the home, the pool the bedroom or play!

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