Raj Against The Machine @ the Hospital Club

Whilst the Salon at VS towers is of course, full of priceless treasure, we do like to go out and let our hair down once in a while, and sometimes we bring our Dressing-Up box with us. What’s this I hear? Well on my travels to find you those one of a kind gems, I often find lovely and exotic costume items that I can’t resist buying. The idea to put them to good use came from the ever crafty and creative Polly Betton, the one woman tour de force behind Tea Time Productions, when she invited VS to host their own dressing up room at the White Black Bird events. How could we say no?

The Hospital Club
latched on to a good thing and we found ourselves and our pop-up boudoir on route to Covent Garden to an Indian themed summer party. We took over the Forrest room and provided the revellers with a little Anglo/Indian escapism (and boy do those people like to party). Also performing that night was Vintage Secret favourite Bishi, looking and sounding amazing as always. Check out those earrings. More on her next week. My personal highlight was being expertly tied into my trusty side-kick, Akeela’s post wedding electric blue sari. I wish I could show you a full length pic, it was stunning and made me think everyone should try it once. I was really honoured to be lent such an exquisite and expensive garment. Also in attendance were Jameela Jamil and Jodie Harsh.

The last pic is of my cherished picture of the Queen in 1953 just before it got smashed by the person who cleverly was trying to put it in his pocket.

Thanks to the lovely Suzie for the photos www.suzieblake.com

Ncxt blog…. Launch of the Jacques town house.


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This looks like such fun; pity there isn't more of the sari, just the little snippet I can see looks divine

Penny Dreadful commented on Jul 26 10 at 1:08 pm

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