A Very Vintage Vacation

Vintage for me means two things: value and culture. A good vintage dress at the right price is a wise investment with the added bonus of that special feeling that comes with knowing you are wearing a bit of cultural heritage that no-on else has.

However I digress, for this post is not about frocks but holidays, although in the above vein. 2010 brought you the term ‘Staycation’ and holidaying at ‘home’ is a concept that I have wholeheartedly embraced. In fact I typed this as I watched the sunset over the Cornish coast from the First Class comfort of a First Great Western train (more on that luxury later).

view from the train

A UK trip can be quite the ‘Vintage Vacation‘. It can be exceedingly good value and the resurrection of the British holiday no longer equates jaded seaside towns but a thriving tourist industry that makes you feel like you are on the type of holiday your grandparents embraced.

Last week I went to Falmouth with my mother and grandmother. I stuffed my happy face with Cornish ice cream, cream teas and more fresh seafood than a small family of dolphins could consume. I saw a steam train go past, stomped around  West Country fields and marvelled at many a thatched cottage or Tudor house. I got to relive early childhood memories of visiting the prettiest church in the world, at the aptly named St Justs in Roseland. I went to over 16 charity shops (of course) and stopped off at Revival in Totnes, my vintage secret. I sadly finally located Falmouth’s best vintage shop Two Little Birds too late but I cannot thank them enough for recommending cream tea at the Heron Inn in Malpas via Twitter.

All in all the perfect combination. I am returned home happy and refreshed.

Next time you think about booking a holiday consider Cornwall or Devon, or another childhood favourite, The Isle of Wight (check out www.vintagevacations.co.uk) No cancelled flights to make you cry (thanks Easyjet for my last two failed trips abroad), good local produce to enjoy, and best of all no booze tourists of the screechy sunburnt variety, clutching on to their WKD for dear life. I have to admit, yes, the weather was a little choppy, but there was enough sun to bring my freckles out and if you like reading and writing with nothing but the sound of sea gulls and waves to interrupt your thoughts, then it doesn’t matter.

Oh and that first class train to London from Falmouth? £61.50 instead of £179 booked only 4 days in advance.

Heron Inn - Malpas

Cream Tea at the Heron Inn

View from the Heron Inn - I want that white house

Church door at St Justs

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Thank you so much for the mention, sorry we missed you but glad you had a fab time! I forget how lucky I am to live in Cornwall and need to get revisiting some sites! If you come down again have a look at Love Lane camping & caravans, they do boutique/ vintage caravans – So sweet (only just discovered them myself). Many Thanks Two Little Birds (aka Emma) x

emma priest commented on Aug 18 10 at 5:41 pm

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