***Competition*** The White Blackbird returns with Bal Argentée

Following the success of their Spring Fling Pyjama Party, Futurist Aerobanquet, Colourscape, Tweed, Rule Britannia! and Childhood, The White Blackbird returns with Bal Argentée, a luxe silver themed ball combining futuristic entertainment with good old fashioned fun. Featuring space age technology, tongue-in-cheek new age practices and a significant dose of serious dressing up, this country house party is sure to put the sparkle back into your step.

Ensuring you arrive in sterling style, the White Blackbird’s carriages will be stationed at a Central London pick up spot to whisk guests away to the rural idyll of Stoke Place, where the house and grounds have been turned over exclusively to the party goer’s pleasure. The only strenuous choice guests face is in which order to examine the assembled delights.

First port of call is the futuristic Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Bar in the stately Wedgewood room, manned by Bompas and Parr protégés the Robin Collective. Those in search of the harder stuff can sashay to the elegant Vyse room opposite where the Astrological Cocktail Lounge will feature a zodiac cocktail list created by Stoke Place’s in-house mixologist, and a perfect spot to survey the night sky (star charts: provided, attractive stranger to explain them to you: at your discretion).

Boldly go into the Thomas Grey room, where you may engage in a rather undignified Moon Walk on the trampolines, and perhaps step outside to recover yourself afterwards, where you will discover the infinitely more civilised Constellation Croquet (marking out the major stars of Orion). The tone is immediately lowered by the Shooting Star Competition, in which guests are invited to launch their ‘star’ as far as possible with a giant slingshot. The furthest star shot wins dinner for two in the restaurant.

Venture indoors to strike a starry eyed gaze into the camera in the Cecil Beaton Portrait Studio, which can be found in the Snug. Not ready to face the cameras? Guests wishing to add some stylish razzle-dazzle to their look can make a visit to the glamorous Vintage Secret Dressing Up Suite. Those with foresight, and a taste for the exclusive, may wish to borrow some furs and make an expedition to the Secret Den Bar for candlelit hot toddies beside a roaring bonfire in the Capability Brown designed grounds.

Should you prefer to roam the upstairs corridors, why not stop a moment to take in Ginger Rogers: ‘an intimate sliver of silver screen cabaret’. The more robust among us may agree to allow Trixie Malicious and Josh Knowles to unlock our chakras by any means necessary in their Chakralax performance. If you’ve dreamed of swimming with dolphins, you may be somewhat confused by our Mermaid. If you’ve dreamed of Millicent Binks, you’ll be delighted. It may be worth visiting Russella on the upper landing beforehand for a quick round of Drag Tarot, forewarned is forearmed.

Back downstairs, you can dance by the light of the silvery moon in the romantic Starlite Ballroom to a live set from Tallulah Tonic (Twin and Tonic) and music from DJ Pierre, with a brief interlude for a spellbinding performance of La Lune from Vicky Butterfly. Once all that dancing has worked up a hunger, take your place at the fabulously futuristic Midnight Feast in the Hunting Room. (Those that can’t wait until midnight can visit the award winning Restaurant, open from 8pm onwards).

A lucky few will have booked the very limited number of room packages available, including bed and breakfast. They will be able to enjoy the benefit of a bar that never closes as the party continues into the night.

This event marks the seventh in a series of events hosted by The White Blackbird, a collaboration between the Dhillon Group and Time for Tea.


Simply tell us what you would would make the best White Blackbird party EVER in the comments box below.

These tickets do not include travel.

Tickets are available for £35 via Stoke Place reception
·             Ticket price includes a return coach trip. Seats must be pre booked when buying event tickets i
·             For more information on parties at Stoke Place log onto www.thewhiteblackbird.co.uk
·             Coaches will depart at 6.45pm from 24 Hanover Square London W1S 1JD
·             Coaches will return at 2.30am

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Comments ( 3 )

Ivor Novello at the piano

Suzi Livingstone commented on Sep 30 10 at 1:16 pm

I think the best party ever would be diamond themed. Diamonds everywhere. In the drinks, on the floor, on the dresses. It would be perfect. After all they are a girls best friend.

Hayley commented on Oct 02 10 at 9:25 pm

Dear Vintage Secret,
For the majority of my years on this darling planet, I have spent them living an extremely dull and plain life within the murky valleys of Wales. Whilst my upbringing has given my a lifetime appreciation of all things rural and Celtic, I confess I spent many a day staring out of my window onto the (always) raining hilltops and wish so much that I could be surrounded by something exciting. So, after saving up all of my pennies I packed up my case and moved out of the village, out of the county, out of the country! to London – and I must confess, this city hasn’t let me down. However now being here a little while I seem to have developed a taste for the loud and debauched lifestyle, and perhaps need a little reminder of where I’m from to set me back down to earth. This therefore seems the perfect opportunity to ease me in – rural location with all the naughtiness and fun thrown in! I would love to have the tickets, I would forever be in debt to you with love spoons and welsh cakes!
Yours Hopefully,
Alice Gane

Alice Gane commented on Oct 04 10 at 7:25 pm

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