Don’t Dali With The Devil!

Whatever you do this Halloween,

The team returns for a surreal extravaganza of a Halloween party in an exceedingly strange setting.
We’re transforming The Fox into a scene straight from the mind of Salvador himself. Starring:

Albert Ball’s Flying Aces

Originally formed in 1916 by the aviators of 266 Squadron RFC, to relieve the stress and horror of their daily aerial dog-fights
high above the trenches,
this splendid 7-piece band plays early jazz and a repertoire of French, German,
American and British songs of the time – music which epitomises the spirit of that lost generation.

Scandalous Poetry

Dirty verses will be read in a suitably sultry fashion by Tallulah Tempest and Emerald Fontaine,
culminating in a special burlesque performance by Emerald herself.

MC Fruity Hatfield-Peverel

Our devilish DJ for the night will be playing a selection of spooky tunes and good old-fashioned dance band music,
guaranteed to get your feet tapping.

Dress Code:

Anything goes, as long as it’s peculiar and old-fashioned! Victorian Steampunks, WWI soldiers and aviators,
Cabaret Voltaire performers, Dadaists, surreal artists & their muses, elegant & otherworldly creatures.
Vintage outfits from the 1920s to the 1960s are all welcome.

We have an upstairs smoking terrace, so pipes, not-pipes and lobster telephones are all welcome.


28 Paul Street Shoreditch London EC2A 4LB.

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