Some thing old, something new: Beautiful Soul SS:11

We get a fair few press releases here at VS towers. Some are interesting, others quite random, like the one for a type of bra strap you attach to your jeans to keep your shoes on (did anyone else get that?). None though have moved us quite as much as the one which popped into the inbox last week from the lovely Nicola at Beautiful Soul.

I shall digress for minute here, please bear with me. I had a bit of a rant at on Twitter yesterday about LFW, mainly centering on my inability to get excited about it. I LOVE fashion but I really don’t like people telling me what I will be wearing next year, because the odds are I probably won’t be wearing it. I guess I also don’t like that a small group of designers seem to dominate the scene. More attention should be afforded to newer designers who are doing some really exciting things. The odd day that I wear really gothic 80’s clothes (it does happen) really means I would like to wear clothes by Gemma Slack. If I wanted to be truely different yet retain a vintage  je ne sait quoi I would turn to Beautiful Soul, who amongst other things, make clothes that can be adjusted to changing season or body shape via a clever series of ties, and made out of recycled kimonos. Do not picture toggles and visions of gangly bits of string, oh no, this is far cleverer than that.

Nicola Woods, the founder and designer of Beautiful Soul is a graduate of The London College of Fashion and was recently short-listed for the Hospital Club 100 Award 2010 (in association with the Independent Newspaper). The label won the Ethical Fashion Forum’s INNOVATION award in 2009, and was a finalist at Fashioning the Future 2009. She also counts Lily Cole amongst her fans. Not bad for someone going since only 2008. Her pieces are made to last, and are timeless, which in turn makes for good vintage!

So apart from our excitement at seeing the collection, I was utterly humbled to be mentioned as an inspiration for it (knocked of my stool actually). Thank you Nicola, its nice to be part of something new and exciting! Read on for said press release extract.

‘Inspired by the recent Grace Kelly exhibition at Victoria and Albert Museum, the new collection will focus on the feminine 1950’s silhouette with a twist of the Orient. It is all about “pushing personal boundaries and chasing dreams,” says founder and designer, Nicola Woods. Nicola was also inspired by the vintage wardrobe of Naomi Thompson, founder of Vintage Secret (*blush*). Access to the wardrobe provided Nicola with even more knowledge and imagination to take to the drawing board.

Beautiful Soul’s female fans will find light coats such as trenches, cropped jackets, capes and sleeved jackets where the sleeves can be adjusted and worn in different lengths, suggesting longevity and multi-function. A variety of dresses with and without sleeves will be available with the option to adjust in size, allowing garments to remain steadfast in wardrobes, catering to a woman’s changing body shape. The brand’s strict zero-waste policy means a range of unique corsets will also be available constructed from leftover fabrics.

The Kimono Collection gives garments a ‘new lease of life’ as beautiful vintage kimonos are upcycled into entirely new designs. The collection includes a special, retro bird print collaboration with Polly Hope, an eco textiles designer, and organic luxury fabrics complement the colour palette of purple, mustard, pink, blue and grey. The print allows for wholesale orders but sits comfortably alongside the rest of the brands exclusive designs.

The all new menswear collection will include a capsule range of casual blazers and tailored suits upcycled from both vintage kimonos and the retro bird print featured in the womenswear collection.’

Nicola has made a beautiful video to explain her new collection featuring another VS favorite Gabby Young which can be viewed here Beautiful Soul SS: 11

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