Pork and Beans Club Night

Pork & Beans club is the brainchild of Tomas McGrath and Ethan Saunders after meeting each other digging for the same records in their local vinyl shop and looking for somewhere to play them.

They decided to start a small night for free with a few guest DJs, playing late 60’s soul and a bit of Northern/Crossover/Funk upstairs in the bar and have the basement as a more private affair with the guys spinning Rhythm & Blues, Club Soul, Mod Jazz etc.

It usually runs the 3rd Friday of the month (although best to check the Facebook page for confirmation) with the night running from 8pm – 1am and of course with free entry. With many great guests from the Mod scene such as the guys from Soul Jazz/Sounds of the Universe upstairs sometimes the night has just gone from strength to strength.

You can find the Tomas and Ethan at Positively 4th Street, 119 Hampstead Road, NW1 3EE, a lovely art deco bar in Euston, London.

Club philosophy/dress code:
There is no dress code – though of course it is great when people make the effort to look smart! And the club philosophy is to get people down and listening to good music.

Join the FB page here

The next edition of Pork and Beans is the 19th of November. Joining Tomas & Jamie this month will be new kid on the block Mr Scott Simpson and the beautiful Alice Fowkes bringing us the best in R&B, Popcorn and all round tasty 60’s sounds!

Ethan and guests be spinning sweet Soul, Funk & Crossover upstairs under the guise of “Brothers & Sisters”!

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