Gabby Young and the Other Animals at the Tabernacle

With a powder blue, cotton candy-esque dress billowing around her waist, Gabby Young performed her final show before year’s end last Saturday with cohorts the Other Animals, the band’s flair for eccentricity well in tact. The sultry provocateur belted out big band-inspired tunes peppered with jazz and gypsy influences, inspiring Saturday’s crowd to sway, bounce, and whoop “J’taime, Gabby!” in-between songs.

Pre-show, Gabberdashery (née haberdashery) stalls lined the upper tier of Notting Hill venue the Tabernacle, where indie artisans sold wares in a holiday bazaar setting. Think elaborate, jeweled headgear and ‘40s-inspired accessories to match Young’s signature style.

Young moved through her set list with aplomb, sometimes wielding a guitar, megaphone, or gently caressing the microphone during soulful numbers. As this was the last show with the band’s current lineup, Young invited new members onstage—who will join her in the new year—and introduced them to an inviting public.

While we can’t say precisely what Young and the Other Animals will be up to in 2011, rest assured that the whispers of news we’ve heard bode well for the motley crew of musicians. J’taime, Gabby, indeed.

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