Topshelf Cocktails and Topshelf Jazz at The Nightjar, Shoreditch

Braving winter’s creeping chill in our best Prohibition Era-inspired attire, we scurried ourselves to the opening of new London speakeasy The Nightjar last Thursday evening. The preview event officially ushered the lounge into Shoreditch’s after-hours scene, inaugurated by a performance by Topshelf Jazz and copious cocktail consumption.

As we recently previewed, The Nightjar is an intimate venue conveniently steps away from the Old Street tube station, lit by the seductive glow of dim bulbs in its atmospheric interior. Dually serving as lounge and gig space, it is less suited for mellow conversations than lively evenings spent sipping on one of 30-plus designer cocktails as a DJ or jazz band provides entertainment.

Naturally, we encountered women with a vintage wave and bounce to their hair, men sporting hipster-dapper suits, and a mix of revelers who excitedly reached for drinks including the Morning Glory Fizz (absinthe, eggwhite, champagne, whisky and fresh lime) and deliciously (and perhaps dangerously)-potent Fog Cutter (Appeleton Estate rum, Tanqueray, orange, lemon, sherry, cognac, and oregeat). The phrase “free drinks” is enough to inspire some clamouring even among the most sophisticated of the press set, we observed.

In the coming weeks, you can look forward to regular shows featuring resident DJ Jean-Paul Séculaire, and blues guitarists and French swing outfits gracing The Nightjar’s stage. Our Events page will be updated with some of the latest Nightjar intel, so keep watch for more information. And, rest easy; no password is required for entrance.

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