Steamboat Bordello

Ladies and Gentlemen, Steamboat Bordello is sailing again!

Yes, they’re stoking up the old paddle steamer once more for another round of waterborne debauchery, this time in the more intimate environs of the 200 capacity Elizabethan Paddle Steamer, another gorgeous vessel with the full compliment of rogues, riverboat gamblers, good time girls, snake oil salesmen, fallen southern belles, confederate rifles, yankee doodle dandies, bootleggers, carnies, gypsies, tramps and thieves. Not to mention the finest cabaret, live music and DJs known to man!

Si Cranstoun

Fresh from the coveted Saturday night headline slot at this year’s Rhythm Riot, Si Cranstoun is an original modern day underground superstar of the South London streets. His explosive debut solo single ‘Dynamo’ has an infectious groove and Si’s vocals are just too darn supreme for superlatives. Si is on a one man mission to bring the golden era of Rock’n’Roll back into the Pop mainstream once more.

The Stillhouse Orchestra

This kicking Country duo’s infectious blend of Bluegrass, Rockabilly and Southern Harmony has proved a winning combination from Dublin to Dalston. Already responsible for a sound far bigger than two people have any right to produce, The Stillhouse Orchestra present a one-off expanded lineup for this date only, drafting in friends and partners-in-crime for a riotous rave-up that demands to be experienced.

Cabaret by Ruby Blues

Glastonbury’s enfant terrible presents another macabre cabaret spectacular. Following on the heels of October’s Hallowe’en horror show, Ruby and cohorts explore the dark side of love. Expect an Unvalentines Day Massacre of epic proportions.

Unvalentines Day

February 13th 2011

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