What Katy Did Secret Seconds Sale

In the past few years a number of vintage inspired underwear companies have cropped up, but our heart lies with the original purveyors of fine retro slinkies, What Katy Did. They were kind enough to sponsor our Tart at 40Winks, and we even had the pleasure of having Katie herself come and do corset fittings. Did you know that every item, right down to the stockings, are hand checked to ensure the utmost quality? Even flaws us mere mortals would not see are not deemed fit for full price. So what happens to these garments?

Here is what: on Wednesday 29th December there will be a seconds sale in their boutique (26 Portobello Green, 281 Portobello Road, London W10 5TZ).  The untrained eye will be unlikely to notice any difference! Knickers are £5, bras and suspenders £10 and corselettes/merry widows £20.

Their main sale starts Thursday 6th January both in the London boutique and online. Sale reductions are always at least 50% off the full price and this season include Pigalle corsets, Striptease and Deco lingerie.

Did you know that they also now have a dedicated US site? No more complaining that these wonderful things are only available in the UK!

Happy Shopping!

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