Bar Italia Scooter Club Kickstart Rideout

Bar Italia Scooter Club are gearing up for their first rideout of 2011. After the hibernation of winter its time to start polishing the chrome, adjusting those cables and wiping your whitewalls down in time for *fingers crossed* the sunnier climes of Spring.

A bit about the club themselves:

Since the late 50s, modernists have made Soho their territory to strut in their finest clothes, dance in clubs and drink coffee all night. Naturally, Bar Italia has been one of these hang outs with its fantastic coffee, continental décor, friendly atmosphere and all night licence! Scooters have also played a part in the modernist lifestyle, with these stylish and affordable modes of transport modified by the individual to stand out from the crowd. It was a natural progression through the years that those with a shared taste in coffee and scooters would meet up casually at the Bar and in 2002, a group of sussed individuals decided to officially launch Londons only dedicated geared scooter club. Every Sunday night, the club meets at Bar Italia and indulges in coffee and conversation, before riding out to a variety of London locations. They also organise various rides around the South East region, provide scooters for hire for film/television and photography shoots and welcome any visiting clubs and/or solo classic scooter riders. A good sense of humour is essential!

The Rideout itself starts at 10.30 at the the iconic London Eye and continues around the city of London until the afternoon. All scooter clubs are welcome from near and far, and even if you don’t have a scooter its well worth keeping your eyes peeled for all the two-stroke smoke. Its certainly a sight to behold!

For more information on the rideout including the route, you can contact the Club here:

Visit the Facebook group
Visit the Myspace site
Or contact the El Presidente- Nicky Bubbles on 07912 868630

See you there!!

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