Photographic Exhibition: “Where can you buy” and “Where on Earth?” (Portsmouth)

Here at Vintage Secret Headquarters we love a good rummage through our local curio shops so we were very excited to find a photographic exhibition by Philip Woolway who has documented our favourite pastime.

From micro to macro: view the world like never before…

Two years after a successful solo photographic exhibition at The New Theatre Royal in Portsmouth, the Gosport based photographer Philip Woolway returns to the city with his second solo exhibition.

Where can you buy?” & “Where on earth?” . This stunning and eclectic exhibition, at Le Café Parisien in Portsmouth, features two of his recent projects, “Antiques, Collectibles and Curios” and “Utopias”, together with a selection of local interest.

“Where can you buy?” – Featuring the “Antiques, Collectables and Curios” collection which is a reflection on the demise of the shops with a myriad of objects; the places where organised chaos challenges to overwhelm and confuse, where items with “What’s that?” mystery and “Remember this?” nostalgia lie patiently awaiting a retro return.

“Where can you buy?”– provides a photographic record of chaotic emporia from Rye to Penzance and Wales to the Isle of Wight and may at last help you answer that age-old question, ”Where can you buy a white star, Buddha, a jar of tadpoles, cocaine, a cyberman suit, Moses, a polar bear rug, Darth Vader, Sooty, a death mask, Dickie Bird’s autobiography, a skull, Lola Ford, a hand grenade, a moose’s head, Randy Orton, Mona Lisa, David Beckham, a dalek, or a pickled liver?”

“Where on earth?” – Whether with a sense of tranquillity, wonder or excitement, have you ever paused for a moment, looked around and silently declared, ”This is perfect”? Oh, the wish to hold that moment, to cherish and preserve it; a world devoid of all others, sadly and all too readily this treasured moment passes leaving just a distant memory.

The Utopia collection seeks to capture those dream-worlds as they float through their cloud-cosseted skies.

Exhibited work will be available direct from the artist throughout the period of the exhibition at commission and VAT free prices.

The exhibition opens on the 4th of March at 6pm and closes on the 31st. Admission is free.

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