S is for Spring Dress Suits

I rarely write about what I am wearing as this blog is meant to be about things that you the reader, can buy, visit or participate in. I apologise in advance for this momentary indulgence. It was brought on by the sun.

Today in London we saw the first proper day of Spring 2011. Blue sky, sun, and a nip in the air of course. I love this time of year as it allows me to wear a long lost fashion favourite of mine: the almighty matching dress suit.

Todays’ one is a burnt orange 70’s wool dress and short jacket combo, originally from Japan, but found in Beyond Retro. The wool is lovely and fine and the trim is velvet. I have all the buttons for my jacket, but in my haste to wear it, I was lazy and didn’t sew them on.

These outfits are mainly mid 50’s to late 70’s, when they were at their most popular. I will try and wear one once a week and post about it because I love them and no one seems to wear them anymore. This one also caught the eye of the Grazia street style team!

I have accessorised with a car-boot basket, a second hand H&M faux victoriana blouse, and Tiger, the Great Dane, who belongs to my walking companion, Johnny Vercoutre. Oh, and a double chin, but hey, its all about the clothes, right?


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Comments ( 4 )

Wear the chins with pride dear, we’ve all got them unless we are hanging upside down by our ankles. LOVELY suit, great hair, and ginormous dog – no wonder the Grazia team gotcha!

Fanny Pinkleton commented on Mar 19 11 at 9:43 pm

This is so cool, especially with the “oversized” dog in tow!

Lira Leirner commented on Mar 19 11 at 10:45 pm

Oo thank you both. I’m afraid this is encouraging me to do more outfit posts x

Naomi Thompson commented on Mar 19 11 at 10:57 pm

Wow that is my absolute ideal outfit! looks amazing x

Lou commented on Apr 28 11 at 8:32 am

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