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There is nothing to make a gal feel better than a morning of pampering followed by a pin-up shoot. Its should frankly, be on the NHS. One wet day in April, I found myself wondering how on earth I was going to go from bedraggled to bedazzling, having been invited to sample the service provided by pin-up purveyors Rockabetty Studios

As I sat sipping bubbly co-owner Lex explained to me how the family run mobile pin-up studio started.

‘Rockabetty Studios was born round the kitchen table when my mum came back from a photo-shoot where she paraded around naked in stockings and high heels, and I thought, well if mum can do THAT, then woman must be allowed to dress up as an ‘innocent’ pin up girl!

From there we took some photos of some friends, put them on the internet, and within an hour I got my first booking. And we’ve not stopped! It’s been great fun, we’ve met some amazing people along the way, I’ve got more confident in myself and meeting new people. You have to be when you just turn up to people houses for a few hours, bringing with you half a dozen bags full of stockings and 50s style props!’

Lex and and her sister Amy ( who I just discovered, writes a very, very funny blog) have been going for a year now and celebtared in style with a party last month. In a sea of newcomers these ladies stand out.

Their lovely in-house make up artist Tara tunred me from damp and dishevelled into picture perfect in no time.

And here are the results!

Packages start at £125. Perfect for a treat or a gift!

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You look fabulous!! My favourite is the cheeky teacup one I think!

I love Rockabetty, Lex is so friendly and the whole service is just great.

perdita commented on Jun 01 11 at 8:18 am

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