The Broken Hearts Present Peppermint Candy


Amber Butchart and Nisha Thirkell are first AKA the Broken Hearts are DJ extraordinaires who met working at the hub of many a vintage seeker’s shopping sprees: Beyond Retro.

Their DJing covers music from way back to the birth of swing to the crispest of modern adaptations, moving back and forth between lindyhop, balboa and shag to neo-swing and electro-swing creating what makes simultaneously a vintage collection to die for and the freshest of sets.

Amber and Nisha have created DJ sets for shows across Europe and in the US and bespoke soundtracks, play-lists and compilations for the likes of The British Film Institute, the British Fashion Council, Lulu Guinness, Magnum, and Hendricks Gin. Broken Hearts also run a fashion and style blog, have created silent movie soundtracks, recorded songs using a live tap dancer, starred in their own music video as vaudevillian magicians and design clothes for Beyond the Valley. Their circus stylings and vintage expertise makes them an effervescent, eccentric presence in the vintage community, even within this uniquely styled community; the Broken Hearts really stand out.

The latest offering from Broken Hearts is their brand new show Peppermint Candy, which launched on Jazz FM, on Thursdays from 6 – 7 pm. Amber and Nisha say “Swing is a constant source of inspiration for us – a music and dance born out of tough times, which has given rise to a rich culture very much alive today.  Our first DJ sets were at Speakeasy-style parties so we’re really excited to bring this type of music to a wider audience. There’s a thriving contemporary scene and our radio show will immerse listeners in the whole culture; music, dancing and style.”

Peppermint Candy’s motto ‘Swing is not just a Dance, it’s a way of life’ couldn’t be more perfect, as a Jazz and Swing specialist show they’re bringing new life to the genre, giving some much needed love and attention and some pepping up and branching out that’s jazzed-out bliss for lovers of swing and newcomers alike.

The show is bursting with variety, covering not only music, but the ancestry and legacies of swing stars and influences, culture, style and fashion. Their show included tracks from the greats such as Louis Prima and Jelly Role Morton and featured artists you may not have heard of but certainly will love, such as Carmen Maria Vega’s gutsy brand of swing and Nick Hollywood, one of the pioneers of electro-swing.

Peppermint Candy is supported online with a regular blog and a weekly style and fashion guide. Their finely crafted playlist displayed real knowledge of the original era and its influences right up to present hits and show a labour of love that promises a fantastic show from here on in. I’ll be listening on Thursday, and if you don’t have a radio to get Jazz FM, you can catch their show online from their page on the Jazz FM site.

I can’t praise this show enough, so you’ll have to tune in, turn up and get down.

Peppermint Candy airs on Thursdays from 6-7 pm

Jazz FM can be heard nationally on DAB and online globally at


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