A personal look at 2011

So here is my round-up of the year, mainly in pictures. Any good ones where taken by the very talented Hanson Leatherby.  I am more or less doing this to see if I can actually remember what happened FOR A WHOLE YEAR.

2011 got off to the worst possible start.  Ever.  Period. I spent Jan 1st crying like I have never cried before. Out of respect for everyone involved that’s all I will divulge. My blog isn’t really the place for it.  Hence Jan has been left off the list. I guess the only good thing about that is that from then on it only got better really.  And how could it not.

Before I go through the months here are a few things I want to share with you. I met some amazing people. Like Liz Trezenga. If you like vintage, you should read her blog. I started writing a lot more for Homes and Antiques.  This made me very happy. It’s a great mag. Somewhere along the way I filmed 6 TV shows. I loved talking vintage and careers to the Cardiff University Fashion Soc, Mia and Alex thank you for such a warm welcome, you girls rocked – more gigs like that next year please. A few of my friends wrote and published books, notably Angel Adoree’s masterpiece.  If I had a picture of her launch it would be below . So what does next year hold?  Well who knows frankly? I could have never imagined the events good or bad of last year. Especially not making this.


Matty and Fay (aka the best dancers and nicest people in the world TM) got married and had the most fun wedding on earth. The bar was set high for everyone else.


I had a good old fashioned girly holiday with my besties in France, at my Mamu’s house.  Apart from scaring the locals (it serves them right for tugging Bethy’s hair and asking if it was a wig) it was mainly just a lot of silly fun. It all got a bit mental towards the end. Other times it got all a bit Mallory Towers.  As you can see here…


First ever Tweed Run. I was instantly hooked.

I also had this cheeky picture taken by Rockabetty studios, thank you Lex!


A relatively quiet month. I went ginger. We drank lots of tea at The Vintage Emporium. It’s the best shop in the world, dont’cha know.

Oh and I filmed a segment for the One Show. Here is a bad TV still of me berating a French man. At the Vintage Emporium. Again (Olly and Jess, thank you so much for letting us make 3 TV programs in your lovely shop, we love you).


Swing for Skin organised by Mel to raise money for DebRa. Bad days are banished when I think about how much she achieves despite being in constant pain. That is inspiration for you. With Gemma Seager, Jennifer Siggs, Hanson Leatherby and everyone’s favourite Aunty, Maureen.

We also launched the Vintage Mafia Sale and Social. The idea is a simple one: we, plus special monthly guests, flog our vintage at bargain prices. Then we get drunk. Simples. Below is the ever gorgeous Gemma and our friend Lena from The Vintage Guide to London. We are lucky to have Miss Minna as a staple.

Bethan, Fleur and Torquil had a joint birthday party. Here are the old buggers.


My cousin Laura (now Lee) got hitched to Patrick. For some god-unknown reason I was a bridesmaid :-). You can see more of her lovely 60’s wedding here.

Possibly the highlight of my year. The annual Chap Olympiad. Not only did team Mafia compete (in matching dresses from Heyday). I also won the Silver Cravat, which I think was fair compensation for having to ride an ironing board.


We launched the Ric Rac Club. It rocked. The Bright Young Twins made us feel old 😉

Time Out dubed us the Cosy Nostra and asked for our going out secrets.



I became a ‘party basic’. The ever talented Mrs (Polly) Betton’s book came out. Its on how to throw the best parties in the world and can be purchased here.

With Fleur, Amy and Patrick, aka the Vintage Styling Dream Team. We worked on an episode of a very famous, business orientated TV program which culminated with Fleur and I being filmed dancing.  Airs next March. My dancing was baaaaad. And not in a good way. Note to self for 2012: Learn how to dance.


Second Tweed Run of the year, this time as a guest of Ralph Lauren Rugby. Thank you Pencil Agency!


I turned 30. I cried, and was sick for a week. Here are some of my friends looking glam. I look like someone who has just thrown-up a number of times, which I had. Massive thanks to Min and Torquil for providing me with a ready made birthday party.

Wishing everyone a happy 2012 xx

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Comments ( 7 )

I love this roundup – it reminds me of all the cool events I’ve read about on various blogs, including your own. It seems like you’ve had a splendid year, with lots of projects. Congratulations on all your successes! Have a lovely New Year’s and 2012.


Michelle commented on Dec 29 11 at 12:09 pm

Thank you Michelle. That’s a lovely comment x

Naomi Thompson commented on Jan 10 12 at 7:38 pm

Fantastic Year Of Events…I loved the story line and the pics…you have really motivated me!
Thank you.

Judi commented on Dec 29 11 at 12:11 pm

Its always a huge pleasure and honour to hear that!

Naomi Thompson commented on Jan 10 12 at 7:38 pm

Happy new year! Some great photos here. 🙂

Perdita commented on Dec 29 11 at 6:08 pm

Lovely recap. Hope your 2012 is just as fabulous.

Patricia Lynn commented on Dec 30 11 at 2:04 am

I have wanted to post something like this on my site and you have given me an idea. Cheers.

photography course commented on Jan 03 12 at 9:03 pm

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