Tweeeeeeeeed Run

At the end of last month, before I got struck with the virus from hell, something rather more glamorous took place. Back in April I had the pleasure of attending my first Tweed Run, an urban cycle jaunt with a difference,  which you can read all about here. Much to our surprise an unexpected second one took place this winter, sponsored by Ralph Lauren Rugby which in case you didn’t know, do a gorgeous vintage-worthy range of tweeds and other country inspired garments. They have a very lovely shop in Covent Garden. Luckily the same people where behind it (you can’t just go off and organise yourself a Tweed Run these days!) so it was just as good as the last one. In fact the first pic is of Ted, Fleur et moi. Ted is the brains behind the Tweed Run worldwide and trust me it takes a hell of a lot of organising and their marshals risk their lives to make sure everyone is safe during the journey. The ever lovely chaps at Pashley brought us down our steeds of steel, and Rugby kitted us out in our lovely Jackets form their current season. My hat is by Little Miss B Hats, which combined with Fleur’s glorious feathered number, attracted a paparazzi style scrum! Massive thank you to the Pencil Agency for being such amazing sports and inviting the Vintage Mafia to take part.

Photos are courtesy of Rugby Ralph Lauren.






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Total tweed inspiration. The tweed-blazer-and-hat look is a favourite of mine and The Mafia pull it off perfectly (of course).

Perdita commented on Dec 15 11 at 11:26 am

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