Glorious Soap & Glory Cosmetics, or the story of a face that doesn’t like make-up

This is an unbelievably overdue blog that I have been sitting on for while. I’m sorry, I’m just not a daily run-to-my-computer, kind of writer. I just don’t have the discipline. And as good as my intentions are, life, projects and dramas all tend to crop up at short notice in my life. Anyway I digress! A few months ago I was invited to the launch of Soap and Glory’s new cosmetic range. I rarely tend to go to such things (see above) but I had heard good things about the brand from Fleur and Jeni, so off we went on a mini-mafia outing out West.

Here we are immortalised in Polaroid (which I may have stolen from Fleur’s blog of the same event)

So before I proceed, let me tell you a little story about make-up and my face. They just don’t like each other. One of two things tend to happen. 1) I can put on more make-up than your average drag queen, yet when photographed, I look like I have no features at all 2) it then tends to slide off, sink in completely or run away. Once, I tried a primer in a vain attempt to make it stay and ended up nothing more than a white moustache and little gumballs of foundation all over my face. Either way my face and make up don’t get on, which is why I am generally the least polished of the mafiahood.

I tried most of their products and here are the ones that I would recommend. If these can do anything for me then the odds are they will be amazing on everyone else with a normal, well behaving face.

SHOW GOOD FACE RRP £11 – this foundation is lovely and smooth to apply, and just sits nicely on the skin, like a quiet child. Lightweight and silky, it provides a flawless cover without feeling caked on. Best of all the added primer does the trick without giving me the aforementioned milk ‘tash.

CHEEK MATE RRP £8 – This is amazing value for money. You just need a tiny dab for a lovely sheer natural glow. I think this  would work equally on tanned skin as on a vintage pallor. Make sure you a) blend in quickly before it dries b) wash your hands straight after unless you want rosy digits.

GLOW ALL OUT RRP £11 – Now it is often said that vintage girls don’t do ‘glow’ but I say sod that. This provides a light shimmer which I find gives a youthful touch to a look that can otherwise make your skin look, frankly, a bit dull.

LID STUFF RRP £10 – this is a great ‘vintage’ staple.  I have this palette in ‘whats nude’. These shadows don’t crease which is a god send and the aforementioned version includes all the nudey-beiges that you need for a good 40’s eye. I also use the darkest brown to shape my eyebrows.

The range can be found in Boots or online.

Now, time for a giggle

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Comments ( 4 )

Have not tried any of the makeup range yet – but i adore most of their other products, so it figures I shall love this lot too!

LandGirl1980 commented on Jan 18 12 at 7:38 pm

I’ve only tried the lipstick so far.

I will never change my foundation as I have found one that works, but I like the look of that shimmer powder stuff. I like a bit of a glow!

Retro Chick commented on Jan 20 12 at 12:07 pm

The glow powder is my fav, Gemma. Its pearly and pink, but can still be worn with a pale foundation. Like a bronzer for vintage gals! Makes me look more alive most days!

Naomi Thompson commented on Jan 20 12 at 8:06 pm

I am exactly the same. Make-up just disappears after about an hour, especially eye make-up (which is my favourite kind, and thus drives me up the wall).

The only times it’s ever stayed put were when I was using industrial strength and industrial amounts for some New Romantic nights out. And I can’t help but wonder if that was to do with the amount of hairspray in the vicinity, holding it all in place.

Miss Peelpants commented on Jan 31 12 at 6:11 pm

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