Kodak 1922 Kodachrome Film Test


I have 3 important writing projects to complete today. Except I can’t as I am completely entranced by this Kodak test film from 1922. You can read more about the techie stuff here

Look at those gently fluttering eyelashes. And the bit where the child jumps in and tickles her chin – that actually made me squeal out loud. I want someone to come and tickle my chin. Beautiful but terribly eerie to think these women are now long gone. Though the child,  maybe not.

Clothing wise the hats are starting to veer away from the huge floral affairs of the previous decade towards the cloche but the ethereal Edwardian influences are still very visible. The 20’s flapper look didn’t arrive till the mid to later half of the decade.

….and back to work.

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