News and a Spring Secret Sale

Lady-like behaviour at the Ric Rac club, of course. Photo: Hanson Leatherby.

Good morning everyone.  It’s a lovely, mild sunny day here in Old Portsmouth, and as ever I am feeling very inspired by the view from my office (read ‘kitchen table’). There is something about watching the slow transit of submarines, container ships, war vessels and car ferries go by that I find very stimulating. Combined with the mild weather this winter, I have jumped the gun and decided to think ‘Spring’ already.  For me January is all about getting the House of Vintage Secret in order (read tax return *sigh*) and planning a very special Ric Rac club on the 18th of February. More of this will be revealed soon here, as I know many of you have been asking us when we will do the next one.

It’s now 22 days until publication of Style Me Vintage Clothes. And my website has a lovely new page all about it. You can also find out more and read my ‘manifesto’ and views on dressing via the first tab on my landing page which will also take you straight to it ( have many of you seen the lovely front page on my site?). There is still the pre sale price on Amazon, so hurry!

Fashion Plate from Le Petit Poulailler

To celebrate all this change and my premature declaration on Spring I have decided to have a sale. To help you get in the mood for change I am offering 5 personal shopping days for one £95 (normally £ 145) including a light lunch and a free copy of my book.  Bookings are can be made for a specific day (subject to availability) or can be purchased as a gift voucher, to be booked at a later date (this is also subject to availability, though I always find a date that suits everyone!). As I said, I am limiting this to 5 bookings and the sale ends this Friday. You only need to pay a £40 to secure the booking. I am very, very proud of my testimonials so please take a peek if you need any further insight.

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OOh lovely! I have reserved my copy on Amazon.:)

Perdita commented on Jan 10 12 at 11:39 am

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