Belle Époque Valentine’s Day Special

Belle Époque Valentine’s Day Special 

A Ball for Lovers and Haters



This Valentine’s day, don a mask and immerse yourself into a fantasy world where romance and heartache go hand in glove. A Ball For Lovers And Haters is a one-off Belle Époque Valentine’s special on Saturday 11th February 2012.

At this party, batted eyelashes and smouldering looks are hidden by feathered fans and ornate disguises as our masqueraded villains and swooning courtesans woo each other like star-crossed lovers.

Whether you’re a doe-eyed romantic or a snarling sceptic, enter Belle Epoque’s lavish music hall and step into a velvet draped, gilt edged fantasy world of swinging trapezes, dramatic disguises, dizzy cocktails and show stopping showgirls.

Throughout the evening guests will marvel at aerialists performing jaw dropping acrobatic feats overhead. Both live bands and DJs entertain guests with an eclectic mix of music, while Burlesque dancers provide glamour, beauty and seduction in equal measure.

The evening’s dress code is strict, but stretches the limits of the most far-fetched imagination. Reach into your inner desires and pull out a costume. Be it femme fatale or feisty fan dancer, a petticoated showgirl or a powdered Marie Antoinette, ladies go for elaborate masks, feathers and risqué corsets. Gentlemen should aim for a devilishly dashing look, using hats and disguises to create an air of mystique. Think twirling moustaches and swirling cloaks, silken top hats and crisp tails.

 At this special Belle Epoque Valentine’s Day ball, masked guests will let go of inner inhibitions, have their senses tantalised and be put under a love spell at what will undoubtedly be the masquerade party of the year.

Tickets priced at £20 are available through the website or by calling 020 7724 1617

Village Underground

54 Holywell Lane

London EC2A 3PQ

8pm-2am (Aerial Acrobatics start at 9pm)

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