Quick Valentines Competition – Roses, Romance and Freixenet Rosado

Whether you are expecting the moon and the stars or nothing at all next week there is nothing like a glass of fizz to lift the spirits. I know what I would rather have.

To celebrate Valentine’s day Freixenet , purveyors of fine bubbles, are offering to send one luck reader a lovely bottle of Rosado goodness to celebrate the day, who ever you may be with.

To enter simply follow me on Twitter and tell me why you would like to win using the #freixenet hashtag. If you don’t have a Twitter account leave me a comment below. I’ll pick a winner on Friday. The fizz will be delivered straight  to your door. Easy.

Here is a little idea of what you can do with it:


Freixenet Three Rs:  Roses, Romance and Rosado

We all know that Strawberries and fizz are great together… so why not try something a little different?  Amaretto gives this classic a twist, adding something sweet and sexy for Valentine’s Day.  So, put strawberries and Amaretto in a glass then for the sparkling finish, top with ice cold Freixenet Cordon Rosado, and add an edible rose petal garnish.


25 ml Amaretto

3 strawberries or 25 ml strawberry puree

Freixenet Cordon Rosado


Muddle the strawberries or pour the puree into a mixing glass

Add the Amaretto and shake over ice

Strain into glass and top with Freixenet Cordon Rosado

Glass – Martini

Garnish – Edible Rose Petal 

 Good luck!*

*to enter the competition you must be aged 18 or over and a UK resident. Proof of age may be asked for.

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Comments ( 3 )

Good men are hard to find but good friends make up for it. Forget Valentines, a girls night in needs fizz! We will laugh, cry and put the world to rights.

Cath English commented on Feb 08 12 at 8:48 pm

Hello Naomi – great blog! The cocktail recipe you’ve provided sounds lovely! I’d love to win a bottle so I can make my wonderful boyfriend a nice cocktail! He does everything for me because I work long hours – cooks my dinner, does the laundry, food shopping, all with a big smile on his face so I’d love to say thank you and show my appreciation for him. xoxox

Katie commented on Feb 08 12 at 9:34 pm

I’d love to win the bottle of bubbles, me fella got a new job so it would be a great way to celebrate our first Valentines and all the exciting developments in his career(and console my own miseries about lack of job :-()

Johanna x

Johanna @ 20x2013 Project commented on Feb 09 12 at 12:02 pm

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