A very belated, heartfelt thanks.

 Gemma being terribly awesome.

 This is a very overdue post but an important one. It’s frankly taken me this long to get over it all. Yes, it’s time again to talk about my book launch, as some serious plaudits are due.

As you can see from my slightly babbling speech here (first thanks goes to the Vintage News Crew) my book is really a bit fat collaboration by some our the vintage community’s finest and I wanted to do something to say ‘thank you’ despite being slightly socially phobic (yes, really)

I spent the first 4 hours saying hello to everyone. I was petrified that I would miss someone and they would feel slighted so i’m afraid I can’t really regale you with any exciting anecdotes. By the time the midnight raffle rolled around I was starting to lose the plot. It was, however, probably the highlight of my life so far. 150 of the best dressed people in London – in your face London Fashion Week.

These are the people to whom I owe my first born child (you will just have to pass it around)

Salina for the loan of the cake stands

Homes and Antiques Magazine for the bags, mags and subscription and general unwavering support

Deborah and Andrew from Gecko Communication for not only supplying copious amounts of Freixenet fizz, but for also managing the door – how’s that for helpful!?

Victoria Lamb from Fairtrade

Felicity from Now Voyager who did a spectacular last minute sponsorship job and arrived with a whole box of hair birds and flowers

Betty Flowers who turned out to be an absolute doll and who also came loaded with hair flowers and jewellery from Bow and Cross bones

Hanson Leatherby who took the stunning pics below

Charlotte at Restoration Cake who supplied cupcakes adorned with edible broaches in the colours of the book.

Angel Adoree who sent over the cakes with the book cover on.

Lynnette from Lovely’s Vintage Emporium who arrived with a suitcase of lovely frocks for me to wear.

Kelly who tirelessly did hair and make up.

Laura, Claire (aka All Fringe, No Knickers)and Patrick for providing tunage.

The lovely folk at the Kings Ginger who helped give the drinks an extra punch and who also provided the minis many of you enjoyed on your way home.

The Wild Thexton for the pork pie cupckes that I didnt even great to try. Who ate them all? 😉

Kilpatrick PR for sending the gorgeous 2 True lippies – my absolute new fav

Emily, Harri and everyone at Anova Books

Rebecca Winfield for looking after the bookzilla moments.

Of course, the girls who really made it happen The Vintage Mafia

And last but not least, to all of you who came. It really was a moment. I wanted to put more pic ups but bloody wordpress won’t let me. Grrr



Mara the Magnificent

Charlotte from Tuppence Ha’penny Vintage


Betty Flowers, Margaret Davidson (aka Penny Dreadful Vintage) and

Cathy Stevens  (aka Perdita’s Persuits)
 Kezia Argue and Mr Wax
Anoushka Tay and Claire Strickett

                        Ian Johns and Mr Ian Bodenham from Hunky Dory Vintage

                             Poet Tiffany Anne Tondut and Alex Mendham

                                                   Laura and Patrick Lee

                                                     Gemma Seager (aka Retro Chick)


               Songstress Gabby Young, Akeela Bhattay (aka Actually Akeela), moi, Illustrator Emma Block

                                           Rachel Baynton and Simone Hadfield (aka Miss Turnstiles

Fay Stevenson, Lena Weber (Vintage Guide To London, Queens of Vintage, Style High Club) and Hannah Asprey


                              Dinkie (Harriet) and Amy AKA The Bright Young Twins 


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Comments ( 5 )

Wow, looks like a great ‘bygone’ bash. Lovely photography too. Good times, good luck with the book, warm wishes Howard.

Howard commented on Mar 25 12 at 5:01 pm

Thank you so much for such an amazing night Naomi, it was really wonderful and everyone had such a great time 🙂 xx

Penny Dreadful Vintage commented on Mar 25 12 at 5:12 pm

It was my absolute pleasure darling – I knew you would look beautiful in a Lovely’s Vintage Emporium dress! Love the book and I am now overdue on blogging it – where do the weeks go to…Love Lovely x

Lovely's Vintage Emporium commented on Mar 25 12 at 8:15 pm

T’was truly an awesome event – thank you so much for inviting little ol’ me 🙂

LandGirl1980 commented on Mar 27 12 at 12:07 pm

Managing the door was great fun, it meant we could say hello to everyone and ensure they knew where to get a jolly nice little black bottle of bubbly or one of the Kings Fizz cocktails, mmmm!
Genuinely we’d love to do it all again it was a wonderful event!

Ms Gecko & Mr Blanding commented on Mar 29 12 at 5:12 pm

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