The Broken Hearts Need You

I’ve long maintained that making it by yourself in your own sphere is fairly contingent on a bit of support. That’s exactly how I managed. One something good happens to like minded friends then I like give back a little where possible.
Amber and Nisha, aka, the Broken Hearts have been a staple of the East London scene since I can remember. I’m sure I met them when back in the day when part of my job involved auditioning Burlesque dancers at Bethnal Green WMC, when they were the resident DJs. Fast-forward a few years and they have toured the world and have their own radio show on Jazz FM.
A bit more about that here:
On making their Jazz FM debut, Peppermint Candy hosted by the Broken Hearts was given a rave review by The Guardian, dubbed “Warm hosts who know their stuff” and labelled “A cool swing music show hosted by two vintage style icons that will shatter your expectations of jazz radio”. The Broken Hearts’ eclectic interests are reflected throughout the programme which has included topics as diverse as the Zoot Suit Riots, Oriental Foxtrot and the enduring 1920s influence on current fashion A varied roster of guests has joined Broken Hearts in the studio, from electro-swing pioneers The Correspondents to TV chef Gizzi Erskine. Swing-punk sweethearts the Puppini Sisters, Oscar-winning costume designer Janty Yates and sibling act Kitty, Daisy and Lewis.
They were featured on BBC Radio 2’s ‘Swinging at the Savoy’ documentary and they were selected by Sky Arts to provide the socio-musical back story of swing, recorded at Jazz FM for Shaun Ryder in the series “First Love”.
Anyway…they have been nominated for an award and its one I think they fully deserve.  I don’t know anyone else who seamlessly blends fashion and music in the way that they do. Yes I get serious hair envy anytime I see them and they get to travel to far more exciting places than me but I adore these chicks and fully hope you vote for them as well.
The voting for the Rising Star Award ends on April 30th and you can vote here: It’s the only people’s choice award so every vote counts!

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