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 Hello and welcome to my new (ish) site. So, what’s with all the change huh?

Well nothing and everything.

Nothing because this is still my website which hosts my ramblings and work information. Everything because I’m expanding my horizons beyond the vintage world, something that I have been doing for a while, just now it is official.

The following mantra sums up this change:

‘Don’t do what makes you happy. Be happy with the things you do’

I had some time off this summer for the first time in 5 years. I spent most of it in shorts bombing around Portsmouth on my bike, inhaling the sea air like it was my last chance. I got a tan! I also spent a lot of it feeling quite hollow, and more than a bit lost. I was also severely burnt out post book. So, I did something about it. I moved out of my comfort zone and looked around me. I travelled for the first time in years (New York Baby!). I’m learning to play the drums again. I’ve set up a woman’s culture and education network, the Southsea Sisters. We have a radio show launching next month which makes me feel like Gareth Malone minus the singing as none of us have ever done anything like this before. 

I stripped away my outer aesthetic layer, took a long hard look at what was underneath (scary) and in the process became much more understanding of who and what I am. I reflected and revaluated until answer became clear. I needed a change, and here it is. The outcome? I have never felt more settled and content. And my focus has returned, albeit with a different perspective.

On the aesthetic side I have replaced the photos on my cover page with ones I took this year. They each represent something to me: a happy memory, an important trip or simply where I live. The pink has gone as well. I like pink – a lot, but it had to go.

Yes, I have retired from Personal Shopping! I finish up in October.  I adore dressing women and the satisfaction is immense but I’ve accepted I can’t do and be everything. Sometimes you just have to pick one thing and concentrate on that. If you are looking for a particular vintage item, feel free to ask me on Twitter. Virtual personal shopping for free! Im still doing event styling and you can find me at Mrs Moore’s in November

What really floats my boat is writing, and I’m planning another book. It has always been good, cheap therapy. My blog is indie and has always been a reflection of my life and interests. I’m still going to be talking vintage, glamour and reporting on any unusual goings on that take my fancy, but there will be added travel, beauty (gulp) and lifestyle articles.

Already in the pipeline I have some amazing events which I am going to write about, such as the evening of 50s style that I’ll be hosting at The Times Literature Festival in Cheltenham and I have a pile of fantastic books to review from Craft to Men’s Vintage fashions. I am also starting a new series exploring the links between personal style and identity. My first interview will be with the hair artist, Nina Butkovich-Budden. I can’t wait to share this interview with you. The series will look at fashion and identity in era where we are encouraged to define ourselves by the way we look.

I hope, dear reader, that you will accompany me on this exploration.


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Love your mantra; inspiring. Great blog.

JoAnn commented on Sep 28 12 at 2:27 pm

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