Bourne and Hollingsworth’s London Fashion Week Retrospective


Wah! I’ve just been invited to the first London Fashion Week vintage fashion show but I can’t go as im keeping it local and going to the Southsea Fest. I’ve been sucked into coastal living. It’s quite nice.

Here is the low down: Retrospective is an exciting new London Fashion Week show and party that explores the past to predict next season’s trends. Taking place at Bloomsbury Ballroom on Saturday 15th September 2012, Retrospective will feature catwalk shows exhibiting beautiful one-off pieces from the world’s finest design houses and collections.

Founded by Bourne & Hollingsworth, the creators of the hugely popular Blitz and Prohibition parties Retrospective will be the first event during London Fashion Week to show the cyclical nature of styles and trends, whilst offering the fashion industry the chance to indulge their love of vintage and period design.

Retrospective has teamed up with the best vintage experts in London to create a show that features fashions from the 1920s right through to the 1980s. From shops like Lucy In Disguise, vintage suppliers Peekaboo Vintage and costumiers Violet’s Box, the brands involved in Retrospective are all well respected within the fashion industry and well known in the public consciousness.

Retrospective will be open to the public, allowing ticket holders a glimpse into one of the most exciting events in the capital’s calendar, and offering high fashion for all. The evening begins with a reception of cocktails and canapés. Then guests will be seated to enjoy catwalk shows featuring designs from names such as Mary Quant, Givenchy, Ossie Clark, Chanel and Dior. Mixing gowns, accessories and casual wear from over 50 years of fashion, each look will be selected and styled to reflect the current and future trends being showcased during London Fashion Week.

 After the show, Retrospective will move the party from catwalk to dance floor with a dazzling event that celebrates the finest fashion moments from the last century. With cocktails from Bourne & Hollingsworth, and music courtesy of the finest DJs and bands in London, Retrospective will combine style and spectacle to present a LFW party like no other.

Throughout the party will be a programme of floorshows that captures the key moments in fashion history. Using exciting performers and dancers – from flapper flash mobs to Studio 54 dancers on horseback – Retrospective’s live re-enactments of the most iconic and influential events in the fashion world will amuse, provoke and inspire.

Whether it’s an original Yves Saint Laurent Le Smoking or your Nan’s favourite fur coat, a one off Schiaparelli gown or that amazing prom dress you found from a Hackney charity shop, throw on your finest finds from the last 10 decades and join Retrospective to celebrate the fashion of the past and the future.


Tickets priced at £30 for Cocktail Reception, Show and Party or £20 for Show and Party Only

 Tickets are available through the Retrospective website or by calling 020 7724 1617

                                                                             Reception from 8pm, Show and Party from 9pm

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Hmm, I just submitted a comment but don’t think it worked! I’ll try again…

It’s a shame you can’t go – I am going, but it required frantic phone calls to London friends and a quick megabus booking!

I’ll be sure to review it on my blog, so you can have a look at whether you’d like to go next year.

Porcelina xx

Porcelina commented on Sep 14 12 at 4:09 pm

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