Nomology part 1 – Ditching The Fake.

By the end of this summer, it would have been two years since I left the bright lights and hubbub of London, and two years since I returned to my island home town, Portsmouth. Those bright lights were blinding me, causing me all kinds of aches and stresses. I just wanted to sit in the dark for a bit. I came home to the sea and a very different pace of life.

It dawned on me this morning, that since I became a seaside gypsy, I rarely wear make-up or high heels anymore. I have been in heels pretty much every day since I was 13. I loved that elevated feeling, the way my feet arched – I even liked tottering around. My feet weren’t so keen and rebelled. For a long time I couldn’t wear flats; years of said tottering had shortened my plantar fascia and it felt an ice lolly stick was permanently wedged under my arches.

As for make-up, it never really agreed with me in the first place. It used to fall off my face. It was like trying to apply make-up to a waxy lemon. Wearing the amount I wanted turned into blankness in photo shoots. Enough to make me look preened in pictures translated to feeling like a drag queen in real life. Ditching the foundation was easy. The sea air here has done wonders for my skin. Eyeliner, an absolute staple since the early 90s, was gradually phased out. Now I can see the natural shape of my eyes and my freckles.  I do love a slick of mascara and a product like Benetint or Soap & Glory’s Cheekmate (my one has lasted over 2 years) provides a natural rosy glow to lips and cheeks in one tiny dab. I’ve also started drinking Kiki’s Nature’s Living Superfood which is a pricey powder but probably the best thing you could ever put in your body. I’ve since grown a horse-like mane and get ill much less. I also have my natural hair colour for the first time ever. I like it. It matches my eyebrows.

I don’t feel this is ‘letting myself go’ – I’ve never felt more confident since ditching the add-ons. It makes me think that we are wrongly encouraged at a young age to ‘improve ourselves’ when really we should be enjoying what we have. I shudder when I recall almost getting my lips ‘done’ aged 25. There was nothing wrong with them, I just felt it would make me feel ‘perfect’.

I still enjoy dressing up and glamming up. I had my hair and make-up done for Annabel Beeford’s fantastic book launch and I felt tres slinky. I went to a hot rod and custom car show with my new friend Emma last week and I even dug the hair curlers out. I just don’t feel the need to every day.

Hair extensions (had those), fake nails (ditto), fake eyelashes (ditto again) and plastered on make up  are now commonly seen on teens, all day every day. Are we failing our young with this quest for continuous self improvement?

What do you think?

This morning, wet hair – touch of mascara.



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Comments ( 19 )

You look fabulous. A real natural beauty, radiant and happy.
A lovely post to read, made me smile 🙂
Em x

Emma @ My Vintage (@emmabphilosophy) commented on May 23 13 at 9:25 am

Thank you Emma, thats very kind. The ‘selfie’ was to show that feeling pretty comes from within. If you feel ok with yourself as you, I think it shows on your face x

Naomi Thompson commented on May 23 13 at 10:11 am

What a refreshing post to read Naomi! You look absolutely gorgeous. I hope more young women can one day feel confident enough to ‘ditch the add-ons’.

Zeenat commented on May 23 13 at 9:52 am

Thank you Zeenat, thats a big compliment coming a from a Life Coach :)It really does worry that teens feel now that its a social ‘norm’ to be overdone. I’m glad there wasn’t that kind of pressure when I was younger.

Naomi Thompson commented on May 23 13 at 10:12 am

I think you look lovely, and younger (which is a good thing for us now!)
For so many years I felt ugly without being completely covered up, it took a long time but eventually I got used to it. I still smart a little when I see natural pictures of myself un-made up, but that’s more an issue within myself, as I doubt other people see what I see. I now only own some Jackie Oats from Lush ( A concealer I simply refused to believe would actually work.. turns out it’s fab) and my trusty eyeliner and mascara for when I go out on along glitzy Albert Road!

Ran commented on May 23 13 at 9:52 am

Ha, this is true. I did realise recently that make up can start to age you. I’m 32 this year and I think I would rather age naturally than try and cover it all up in slap. I felt the same as you for many years – but isn’t it a lovely feeling to be free of those anxieties? Thanks for the lovely comment.

Naomi Thompson commented on May 23 13 at 10:15 am

Yes. Top tip from my mum was she stopped wearing foundation at 40 (not that you or I are near 40 or look it!!) because when you have the odd line all it does is highlight it.

The style of make-up can age people too. I find big eyes and pale lips get me IDed (huzzah) whereas red lips and eyeliner are good for “I am a strict matronly teacher of indeterminate age grrr” moments. 🙂

Perdita commented on May 25 13 at 1:51 pm

I’ve done exactly the same! I moved to South Wales to be with my OH and the sea air combined with walking a lot more meant I ditched heels & most make up. I’ve since had a baby so I barely have the time now anyway! I too feel a lot more confident in my own skin and when I do wear make up I feel better about myself, like I’m highlighting, rather than hiding, myself.

Jaime commented on May 23 13 at 11:58 am

This is exactly how I feel about it. I also feel good about not spending time EVERYDAY on make up and hair etc. Your new life sounds lovely!

Naomi Thompson commented on May 28 13 at 2:07 pm

I moved to the country-side a couple of years ago having lived in the suburbs of London. There really was no point wearing make up everyday with dog walking, gardening and working in a pet shop. I have actually gained more confidence without wearing make up (and surprisingly been asked out on more dates) than when I used to wear it everyday. I feel more like me and like I have nothing to hide. I still dress up every now and again which makes it more special. But it is so refreshing to listen to someone who has done the same 🙂

LauraB commented on May 23 13 at 11:59 am

I also more confident without. I put a load on the other day and it felt really alien, and I didn’t feel like me. Thank you for your comment.

Naomi Thompson commented on May 28 13 at 2:08 pm

A true beauty, london misses you x
PS I still wear trainers and little make up hurrah!

Bryony commented on May 23 13 at 12:11 pm

And I miss it! Though I wouldn’t swap the kind of life I have down here for anything 🙂

Naomi Thompson commented on May 28 13 at 2:09 pm

You look lovely…and happy and well. Great post x

Kate @ Your Vintage Life commented on May 23 13 at 3:04 pm

Thank you Kate 🙂

Naomi Thompson commented on May 28 13 at 2:11 pm

No need for make up when you’re gorgeous. Hell, no need for it when someone isn’t. However, you are so my initial point still stands.

It’s a sad state of affairs when one decides they must hide their natural state in order to gain supposed favour from others and their perceptions of beauty – so often transposed from lust alone. Wearing no make up can be construed as a bold statement. Whether it should or not is another matter but I for one prefer to see someone looking comfortable in their own skin. Shedding one’s insecurities can be incredibly tough and it’s lovely to see people flourish as a result.

Make-up and fancy additions to one’s image have their place for sure; I think they make more of an impression – and can give an extra thrill – when applied every now and then instead of every waking hour.

Perhaps if people spent more time thinking of their health – mentally and physically – then they would concur after witnessing the results. Still, this is just my opinion. Variety is the spice of life after all. It would just be nice to see more realise that they have a choice to be natural; that they do not have to ape trends or popular (mis)perceptions.

Alasdair commented on May 23 13 at 10:29 pm

<------ that right there is why you are my boyfriend :D

Naomi Thompson commented on May 23 13 at 10:42 pm

As you know I am a tacky fakety faker style wise! But I don’t do it 24-7 by any means – it just wouldn’t be sensible/practical. My major bugbear with the vintage world is that there is the idea that if you don’t have rolls, red lippy etc’ 24-7 you are ‘letting yourself go’. There seemed to be a vogue for it a couple of years ago – blogging slating casual folk and suggesting that even if someone has a kid and job they would be ‘better’ if they got up half an hour earlier just to set their hair. Nonsense.

That to me misses the entire point of dressing up. Dress up to feel good, but don’t confuse clothing for the only reason you feel good!

And you are very pretty with such a lovely figure, you look fabulous in waterproof boat-y person clothes an no make up (LOL I’m such a landlubber) or in a pretty frock and make up.

Perdita commented on May 25 13 at 1:46 pm

I love your style. Its real style. And totally yours. I think I thought I was letting myself go but this past year but in reality I was shedding a security blanket I no longer wanted or needed.

Naomi Thompson commented on May 28 13 at 2:10 pm

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