13 Photos From eBay That Will Never Sell your Vintage

How not to photo sell your vintage on eBay.

From terrible poses, BAD props and scary mannequins here is my latest round up of the best of the worst. This is the gift that keeps on giving so I’ll be posting a new batch soon.

I was going to caption them Buzzfeed style, but there really is no need. Enjoy.


bad ebay 2

bad ebay 1


bad ebay 4



bad ebay 7

Bad ebay 3

worst of ebay

worst of ebay 12

bad ebay 5

bad ebay no 222

bad ebay continued 1

bad ebay 15

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These are too hilarious! I have the same gripe with people selling craft and handmade, sideways photos that haven’t been rotated, blurry, low res and skanky carpets.

Lou commented on Nov 07 13 at 2:16 pm

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