Southsea Sisters Relaunch – 28 September 2014





I’m a bit late to the game on this one on account of Style Me Vintage Accessories being published today. I don’t need to blog about that as so many kind people have already done just that, here and here and here. We came back from our holidays late last Tuesday and by Wednesday the rest of the week had been swallowed up with a photo shoot and interview with the Portsmouth News. Lydia and I were cover girls on the Family section and I got to wax lyrical about my love of second hand. So with 3 days to go here is a reminder about another important-to-me and hopefully important to you event this week: the Southsea Sisters re-launch which takes place this Sunday at the Dockyard.

Two years ago, inspired by what I had seen in London, I launched a proposal to start a woman’s group. At the first meeting almost hundred women of all ages turned up. Yep, that’s correct almost hundred. It blew my mind. We lasted another 3 meetings before I let it all drop. I wasn’t well and I couldn’t seem to find anyone who would take over the reins for a bit. We had even been offered a radio show with Express FM. It was beyond gutting. What haunted me for the next two years was the fact that so many people obviously wanted to join a woman’s group. There were ladies at our first meeting at the Aspex Gallery in their 60s and 70s as well as teenagers. I felt like I let a lot of people down.

Fast forward to now and despite new book and baby I am giving this another, more sustained go. What is the skinny? Well, it is free to join and attend. The agenda is set by the members and once a quarter we have a meeting with a guest speaker. You can network, tell the group about your own work and projects and propose themes and speakers. To start this off with a bang we have Cheryl Buggy coming to do a Q&A. When I was thinking of a first speaker she was right there at the top of my list of people.  A former Lord Mayor of Portsmouth, published author and founder of Express FM she has had a long and distinguished career with no plans to slow down. As someone I know in real life Cheryl is a great speaker, very engaging and full of interesting things to say. She doesn’t mince her words and I’m certain will be dishing out some brilliant advice. She has really carved out her own path through determination and hard work, which I respect immensely.

As if that is not enough the Naval Museum are giving us a free tour of their new gallery HMS ‘Hear My Story’ and ‘Racing to War: The Royal Navy and 1914’. They are also providing us with a free room in the Dockyard that overlooks the Victory. I can’t think of anything nicer to do on a (hopefully) sunny Sunday Morning. So if you want to join, take part and bring what you have to share with the group and crucially help form future plans then your are formally invited to join us this Sunday, please make your way to the  Visitors Centre where we will be waiting to wave you through the queue. Talk starts at 11 am followed by the guided tour. I look forward to seeing you there.

An update:

Access to the event is free. The talk is in the Princess Royal Gallery upstairs in the Royal Naval Museum – access via the shop (there is a lift). On arrival at the Dockyard you will need to go through the visitors centre but do not need to buy a dockyard ticket. I have heard the dockyard now insist you go via the ticket point. I will be waiting at the visitors centre to make sure there are no issues. Following the talk we have arranged with the museum a special tour around their new galleries. If you wish to visit anything else (Victory, Mary rose etc) you will need to buy a ticket. See you tomorrow!

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