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Have you ever wanted to introduce vintage into your wardrobe, but felt unsure where to start? A day of personal style consultation and shopping with me could be the solution you need.

Your day will begin at the Vintage Emporium and Tea Room in Brick Lane, East London (10 minutes from Liverpool St tube) at 13.00, with cups of tea, delicious cakes. We’ll sit together and have a chat about your style history, what you love about your current look, and what you’d like to change; as well as what you might be looking for when we hit the shops. You might be looking to completely overhaul your look, going from modern to vintage glam, introduce a few key vintage pieces into your wardrobe, or even just find the perfect party dress or wedding gown. Once we’ve established what you’d like to get out of your day (and polished off the cake), the real fun can begin!

Next, a tour of my favourite vintage shops. Many of these are off the beaten track and bursting with amazing treasures. I will use my extensive bargain hunting experience to help you find unique, one-off items that fit your budget, that will look fabulous and also retain their value. I will also teach you what to look for, when to part with your cash, and what to definitely avoid. I’ll also help you determine which era suits your shape, as well as imparting insider tips on buying vintage for resale.

The cost is £145 for one person, £195 for two or £240 for 3 , so why not get a few friends together and we’ll make it an absolutely fantastic day out!

To round off your personal shopping day in perfect vintage style, if you would like, I can help book you an appointment with one of the two amazing salons in my area that specialise in vintage hair, so you can learn some tricks to really make the most of your new look.

Tempted? Get in touch and we will take it from there. See you soon!

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My day with Naomi was one of the best  presents I have ever treated myself to. It felt like shopping with a good friend who was enjoying it as much as I was, whilst also having an incredible eye for just what would suit me and fit me. By the end of the afternoon, I felt that I had gained some of Naomi’s encyclopaedic knowledge of vintage clothing, how to look after it, how to spot a bargain and how to discuss clothing with shop owners to get an understanding of what I was buying. I have worn all the items again and again as they just feel so much more interesting than the rest of my wardrobe. A wonderful experience that I’d love to repeat one day.

Polly Thompson

My husband is often bored to tears by the hours I make him spend waiting around in vintage shops. So imagine his delight when I asked if I could go shopping without him as part of my Christmas present. Cue Naomi Thompson. The day was a delight from beginning to end. From the delicious lunch, served in the adorable Vintage Emporium, to the acres of vintage that we perused during the day, Naomi’s eye for detail ensured that I wanted for nothing whilst her easy manner meant that conversation flowed easily. She encouraged me to try on dresses which I wouldn’t have normally tried on, we discussed the finer points of determining the age of vintage clothing and we came away with armfuls of vintage treasure. I was on such a high after our afternoon of shopping, that I walked out of the last shop without my last purchase. Although I am quite an advanced vintage shopper, I think that absolutely anyone could benefit from Naomi’s gentle, but persuasive, advice. It was a fabulously memorable afternoon during which I was utterly spoilt and came home to my husband beaming and laden with bags. Who could ask for anything more? Thank you so much.

Lili La Scala

‘a surprise birthday gift which has to go hands down as one of the most special ones I have ever been given – a day with Naomi @ Secret Vintage. If you want to go back in time in true style & enjoy a ‘real’ vintage experience, one you will take with you & cherish, then Naomi is the perfect vintage partner, guide, stylist…and more. Truly memorable…’

Sawsan GhanemMD Active PR

Going shopping with Naomi was comparable to nothing I have ever experienced. It exceeded all my expectations – and believe me they were high. For one day I was swept through history: Twirling around in a flawless 1940s dresses, wearing an unworn 1950’s bra and loving my look in an amazing 1960’s two pieces. With a skilled eye Naomi picks out not only clothes that fit your size, but also you shape. Elegantly sweeping through racks of clothes while telling you exactly what you need to know to be a successful vintage shopper. Whether you are a vintage lover, or mere trying out something new, I guarantee you will leave the day with a whole new view on vintage clothes: It is a fun and environmental friendly way of being unique and a great lesson in bargaining – at least with Naomi by your side. Throughout the day I truly felt like a time travelling Cinderella, only the best part being, the clothes never disappear. Naomi has got a keen eye, and has no problem passing on her knowledge. Most importantly she has not forgotten the beauty with vintage: The unique clothes, the stories behind them and the unforgettable feeling when wearing the them. It was an all over inspiring, dreamy and fun day with a woman who knows the shops, the owners, what fits you and what’s worth investing in. Thank you. I am hooked!

Zoe Molyneux

“I was fortunate to have the most fantastic 50th birthday present ever – a vintage day out with Naomi Thompson.  For a true fan of vintage, this has to be the best present ever!  We started off with tea and cakes in the Vintage Emporium while Naomi introduced our day and assessed the period and styles that would suit us best.  It was fascinating and my eldest daughter suited the 1970s – a period she had not even considered.  Naomi also talked us through how to care for vintage clothes and how to spot fakes.  After that we hit the high street.  The great thing about sourcing vintage with a stylist is that they can shortcut you through to the best shops with the greatest bargains.  It’s fair to say that with vintage gaining popularity, there are many people wanting to make a ‘quick buck’ and that is where Naomi can really help.  You can save the cost of your trip through not making expensive mistakes.  Naomi also had a talent for going straight to the rail and choosing EXACTLY which dress, coat or top would suit you.  We all went home not just with a new wardrobe but also better informed and brimming with enthusiasm.  If you are looking for a gift with a difference, invest in this, it was probably my best birthday present EVER! “

Karen Mannering, Kent

As a treat for my birthday my husband paid for myself and my daughter to go to London for a very special day.

We were met in a lovely cafe where we were treated to tea and cake before we embarked on our day. Naomi took us to a range of shops which all had different perspective on vintage clothes. She explained what shapes suited us and what to look for when shopping for vintage. It was very informative and really good fun if you like trying lots of different things and styles! At the end of the day I felt that I had learnt a lot, had lots of fun and came away with some lovely dresses and a lovely 40’s jacket!  Would highly recommend this experience”

Jo Orchard

‘I would love to keep Vintage Secret my own personal secret, but it would be unfair to deny the unique and fabulous service that Naomi provides to other ladies who want to indulge their own style. Naomi has an uncanny talent for assessing what suits you, even if you don’t know it yourself! Her personal service is the most lovely girlie experience, and you will be guaranteed to leave feeling like the princess you did when you played dress-up as a girl – you will also leave with some wonderful one-off clothes that you and others, will be absolutely wowed by. Put this contact on speed dial, as you will use it again, but beware, it’s addictive!!’

Sally McNally.

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